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Symbol of the Earth Alliance

"I against my brother,
I and my brother against our cousin,
I, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors,
All of us against the foreigner."
- Bedouin proverb

 PHYSIOLOGY:  Humans are bipedal, sexually reproducing mammals. Recent experiments have shown that alteration of brain chemistry has the potential to activate immense psychic power.

 PSI ABILITY:  The development of provable psi power is fairly recent (circa 2100 C.E.) and parallels the human colonization of Mars. Human psi ability is primarily a recessive genetic trait; though it is suspected that chemical and gene therapy can "make" a telepath out of a "normal" (see Dust). One in every thousand humans has telepathic abilities of discernable potential. One in every ten thousand has telekinetic abilities; half of which are clinically insane.

 Loving sex between two telepaths is said to be the ultimate union, since both telepaths willingly drop their mental walls and merge in mind and body. "Normals", although lacking in psychic ability, can

 learn certain tricks that make it difficult for psis to scan them, but only for a brief period of time. Unlike other races (like the Hyach and the Minbari), humans restrict and regulate their telepaths. Most regulations bar telepaths from certain sections of government. For example, telepaths are not allowed to enter regular military service -- "they're too valuable." Casinos are also off limits. The Psi Corps Charter bans it from recommending political candidates to its members; however, it recently did so in 2258 when Morgan Clark ran for the Vice-Presidency. As both a practical deterrent against accidental scans, and a symbol of these restrictions, telepaths must wear gloves while out in the world. This is done out of fear and distrust, and the monster it has bred is called Psi Corps. Although a minority among the "normals," many telepaths in the Corps think of themselves as genetically superior to "normals." Modern human slang terms telepaths, "teeps" and telekinetics, "teeks."

 Humans with psi powers require the visual acquisition of the target in most cases. This simply provides a point of focus for the mind. If visual contact cannot be made, it is difficult or impossible to scan. However, some P12s are able to scan without the target being in line-of-sight; but the target must be familiar to the telepath. Some telepaths also like to get the feel of a room's acoustics before performing a scan. Telepaths of sufficient power can project images and sensation into the minds of others. This skill can be used to defend themselves only against other humans unless specially trained or extraordinarily powerful.

 PSYCHOLOGY:  Current popular opinion is isolationist and anti-alien. Most of the Colonies wish to be independent of Earth control. Most citizens chafe under Clark's new oppressive regime.

 HISTORY: As with any culture, the humans have had their ups and downs  since the twentieth century. Africa was united for the first time under the example of Morobuto (b. 2075 - d. 2124), a philosopher and Gandhi of his time. Colonizing the solar system revitalized Earth's industries, but at the cost of shortchanging the Colonies. The Europa Mining Strikes of 2237 led to many deaths after the invocation of the Rush Act. Hoping to force the Alliance to improve the working conditions, the miners were forced back to  work by the Earthforce military. The ensuing riots killed miners and soldiers alike. Since its colonization in 2150, Mars has been wanting autonomy. From food riots to open rebellion, Mars continued to be a thorn in the Earth Alliance's side.

 Humans would not understand the true extent of intelligent, alien life present in our galaxy until the 22nd century; although records of alien visits exist in their myths and legends (Soul Hunters/vampires, Vorlons/angels, Greys/alien abduction folklore), and the Shadows/Demons and monsters of the dark) who are known to have been present in the Sol System in the 1200's AD. Intermittent signals of intelligent extraterrestrial life were detected by Earth scientists during the 20th century up to humanity's first contact with alien life in 2151. (See Also: Human Presence in the Galaxy.) Contact with the Centauri opened the galaxy to humans. Quickly adapting and improving on advanced technologies (traded for trinkets from the Centauri), the humans rapidly (and some say rabidly) became one of the top five powers among the newer races. They solidified their position by successfully driving the Dilgar out of their conquered acquisitions in the Non-Aligned Territories in 2232. The humans entered the war primarily to establish a galactic presence. However, when faced by the sheer devastation and maliciousness of the Dilgar Warlords, it became a moral cause.

 With entry into the galactic scene, alien immigration and the influence of alien culture began to concern, if not terrify, the humans. While Louis Santiago's policies were open to aliens, some traditions were to remain closed to outsiders -- such as the Olympics (which are open to all humans on Earth and the Colonies).

 Ten years later, humanity was in danger of being annihilated. Three days hyperspace away from Earth on deep patrol, a small earth convoy (formed of Amundsen, EAS Prometheus, and EAS Hyperion) encountered Minbari war cruisers. Earth, wanting to determine how the Minbari would react to Earth’s rapid expansion, had sent the ships on a recon mission.  First Contact was not authorized. Panicking, the captain of the lead vessel, the Prometheus ordered his gunnery officer, Sgt. MacIntyre, to fire on the nearest alien ship as they prepared to retreat. The burst of plasma from the Prometheus and the other convoy ships severely crippled the Minbari flagship and its escorts. Leaving the aliens in shock, the convoy fled into hyperspace.

 Soon after the destruction of Dukhat's ship, the warrior caste mobilized.  Within days, initial attacks decimated Earth colonies -- beginning with the military base that supplied the Prometheus’ expedition at Jericho 3. Earth-Minbari War had begun.

 Human gains during the war were few and far between. Vital information was supplied by a handful of operatives behind enemy lines. They were given wide discretionary powers which led to many atrocities. The biggest victory in was the destruction of the Minbari flagship, the Black Star. War hero Captain John Sheridan mined a section of the Asteroid Belt. A dummy transmitter broadcast a distress signal. Thinking an easy target was stranded in the Belt, the Black Star and three Minbari War Cruisers entered the asteroid field. Fusion bombs planted in the surrounding asteroids destroyed the enemy vessels. In only three years, the Minbari had penetrated Alliance territory. Bypassing all major colonies in the Sol System, the Minbari moved on Earth itself. This lead to the Battle of the Line. In December, 2247, the Terran armada (fielding twenty thousand vessels) positioned itself around Earth in a suicidal attempt to stop the Minbari onslaught. After a merciless battle, and on the verge of victory, the Minbari surrendered. All told only 200 Alliance ships survived. Accepting minimal compensation for the war, Earth dared not ask too many questions about the Minbari surrender. Those in the military knew that they had fought a lost cause against a technologically superior enemy. Over a quarter million human lives were lost during the length of the war.

 Following the war, Earth became hungry for defense weaponry. Xenoarchaeology became a big business as relics from ancient civilizations could give the Alliance a "leg up" on advanced technology. A more positive after-effect was the Babylon Project, initiated by Louis Santiago, former Vice President under President Jarrold. In the hope that creating a place where humans and aliens could open a dialog instead of declaring war, the project went forward. Unfortunately, the Babylon Project seemed doomed from the start. Babylons One through Three were sabotaged in the early stages of construction. Babylon 4 disappeared soon after being completed. Babylon 5, completed in 2257, became Earth's last, best hope for peace in a galaxy of conflicting interests.

 At this time, the Earth Alliance was also rapidly reaching for an empire comparable in size to that of the Centauri. In addition to various space platforms and colonies, the Alliance had "helped" a number of bronze-tech worlds that just happened to have desired resources or strategic value (i.e. the Sh'lassen). Aliens were integrated into the Alliance but were kept in low-level positions. Some of the bronze-tech worlds still held by the Earth Alliance are ruled in a way similar to that of Britain and India -- colonial governors are native aliens, but are puppets of the Earth Alliance.

 Despite increasing feelings of isolationism in the Alliance, Santiago won third presidential term over rival Marie Crane. His platform stressed cutting spending, keeping Earth out of war, resolve the Mars Colony problem and to place greater emphasis on the preservation of Earth culture. In July 2258, President Santiago visited Babylon 5 to officially deliver the final fighter wing to the station. The visit was to also increase support for the Babylon Project and his new alien trade and immigration policies (which was meeting stiff opposition in the Senate). While marred by bombings carried out by Homeguard, an extreme anti-alien terrorist organization, Santiago's popularity continued to increase. However, the Alliance was still plagued by problems. On October 2258, Mars openly rebelled. Despite Santiago's feelings in the matter, the Senate forced him to send in shock troops to counter the Free Mars insurgents. Within days the fighting died down with the Earth-supported provisional government still in control of the planet. Even Earth itself had problems; as pointed out by Senator Pol Quat (Indonesian Consortium) that Earth's smaller nations still had to pay an equal share of planetary costs while receiving a smaller share of benefits. Hoping to hold the Alliance together, Santiago embarked upon a Five Planet Goodwill Tour of the Colonies. He planned to deliver a major policy speech concerning human-alien relations from the Io Transfer station, setting the Alliance on a definite course in the intergalactic community.

 In a time when the only man who could keep humanity on an even keel was thought by many to be Santiago, his opponents elected Morgan Eugene Clark to the Vice Presidency. Clark was officially endorsed by the Psi Corps (a practice previously frowned upon), and had plans. His ambitions, which were formulated around 2250, were beginning to be realized with the destruction of Earthforce One on New Year's Day, 2259. On the Five Planet Tour, President Santiago and Vice President Clark were heading toward the Io Transfer Station when Clark, claiming he had a touch of Mars throat, opted out of the tour. Within hailing distance of the Io station, Earthforce One exploded.

 Now President of the Alliance, Clark's plans were set in motion. Counting on a three year term to slowly institute a militaristic, repressive government hostile to aliens, Clark hoped to institute his New Order without much resistance. His hope was to be the first to bring lasting peace to the Alliance, through

 strength, unity, and singularity. In his opinion, Earth was basically a dead world; without supplies from the Colonies it would crumble. Granting autonomy, or even a fair trade deal, to the Colonies would be the demise of Earth. Even though the EA was in the top five of the galactic powers, its expenditures for supplies and food (in part due to having one of the largest militaries in the galaxy) was the highest. Hoping to follow historic precedent, Clark planned to reduce the "excess baggage" of Earth and consolidate its holdings. Then Earth would be poised to expand properly, without fear of succumbing to the predations of alien governments or "freedom fighters." The key to his program was thpresentation of a danger of planetary security to a populace still skittish from the Earth-Minbari War, allowing him to justify hard-line measures.

 Less than a year into his term, much sooner than expected, there was grumbling in the Senate about his hard-line policies. In fact, his popularity was plummeting in certain areas. Projections indicated that he would suffer trouble holding his office for a full term. New arms of government were created: Ministry of Peace (or MiniPax) and its "informative" arm, the Nightwatch, Ministry of Public Information, and the Office of Public Morale. On October 27, 2259, the Senate began deliberations on a proposal by the executive office to reinterpret the terms of the death penalty. Unlikely to be declared unconstitutional, Clark's plan was to expand the law to include premeditated murder in addition to treason. Included in rewording was a provision allowing the President to revoke diplomatic immunity . The new wording of paragraph one, sections eleven through , was ratified on December 12, 2259 with President Clark's assurance that it would be applied with complete and absolute equality to humans and aliens alike. The first test of the new wording came when a delegate murdered a Terran businessman. The violent results of the trial and execution led to the removal of the expanded wording of the death sentence.

"Legal scholars will be debating all year whether the Senate did or did not today flatly and irrevocably rule to end Capital Punishment. The answer for all practical purposes seems to be it did. Confusion occurs because two of the five-man majority said that the state can never take a life. The key votes were those of Senators Sho Lin and Voudreau, both of whom indicated they might reverse their decision if anyone could ever show them a case where the Death Penaly can be morally justified." --- DeBora Devereau, Channel 57 News, December 20, 2259

 Footage of the execution were subpoenaed by EarthGov, and were not shown to the populace at large.

 Undaunted, President Clark continued building up Ministries and regulations to strengthen his position. Correctional centers were set up to filter out the mentally unstable at an early age. The doublespeak of political correctness was once again reinstituted on Earth with a vengeance. And then the truth came out. President Clark found his carefully laid plans in jeopardy when a vidclip surfaced in the media that clearly showed his involvement in the assassination of  then-President Santiago . In the

transmission Clark is heard speaking to a man known in few circles as Morden, a human Shadow Thrall. Clark's spin team immediately decried it as an alien plot to discredit the President; regardless of the fact that all high-ranking EarthForce transmissions carry an identifier code on a subchannel (the code is kept top-secret to avoid anyone giving false orders). Several Earth Senate committees entered into closed sessions to discuss the appointment of a special prosecutor and the validity of the evidence. Six weeks later supporting evidence recorded by the President's own doctor prior to his leaving Earthforce One was "discovered." President Clark's previously tenuous hold on his position was in dire jeopardy and could only be saved through extreme action.

 President Clark's supporters in Psi Corps and Interplanetary Expeditions had uncovered a second Shadow Battlecruiser under the ice on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. Unlike the previous find on Mars where the Shadows were notified and took possession of it, plans were made to re-animate it with a human core-sentient so that the ship could be taken to Earth for further study so "we could be more like [the Shadows]." It would be a powerful weapon against enemy alien races, and even those in Earth Alliance. With the hysteria they were stirring up about found camera footage of such a ship in hyperspace as an immediate alien threat, any planned appearance by "their" ship would give them carte blanche in carrying out their schemes. Unfortunately, the core-sentient was not properly prepared. Immediately upon activation it destroyed the research dome where it was activated. Further, the White Star commanded by Captain John Sheridan, CO of Babylon 5, engaged the Shadow vessel and destroyed it in the gravity well of Jupiter. The Omega-class destroyerAgamemnon arrived in the area to find the White Star about the leave. Trapped between firing on his former vessel and surrendering, Sheridan assented to having the White Star perform the first recorded hyperspace jump in an atmosphere. The whole event was played by the Clark administration in the reverse. They blamed the White Star for the attack on Ganymede and reported that the Agamemnon engaged and destroyed the alien ship. Clark, fearing his plans were known, played his hand too soon. An alien attack so near to the human homeworld justified the declaration of martial law on Earth, Mars and Io.

 All communication to and from Earth were shut down to minimize on reports about supposed "atrocities" and to keep rebellious elements isolated. Only high priority Gold Channel transmissions were operable to allow directives to be given. A previous plan of discrediting "disloyal" and "immoral" Senate members for replacement by more sympathetic senators was easily altered to justify the dissolution of the entire Earth Senate. Many Senators agreed with Senator Borshevsky's observation that Clark had the "straightforward, deadly elegance of a shark." She was all too right and he was smelling blood. Panicked, half of the Senators fled the Senate in any available transport. Others not in the Senate building were arrested pending allegations of sedition. The rest holed themselves up in their offices, refusing to leave. Squelching the potential leadership of a rebellion, Clark ordered the Elite Guard to take the Senate building. Heavy fighting ensued. Fearful senators called in favors from the military, ping that the generals and admirals who fought to uphold the Earth Alliance Constitution, and not the directives of a murdering Commander-in-Chief, would come to their aid. Ever the optimist, Senator Borshevsky called upon citizens to surround the Senate building to form a "living barrier." No help came. Tempering his public image, Clark offered complete amnesty to any Senator who willingly surrendered, knowing full well that none would.

 Civil War

 Reaching a point of no return, Earth entered into a costly civil war. Some in the military, like General Smits, hoped to fight the tyranny from within the system. Most, however, approached the situation as only following orders like General Franklin, regardless of the action or the result. A full 20 percent of the Earthforce space fleet rebelled, abandoning their orders and took refuge where they could. Meanwhile, the most active dissenter, General  Willian Hague, made ready to flee. A nine system alert was immediately sounded. Hague made ready to rendezvous with a other sympathetic captains in more friendly territory, possibly Babylon 5 or the outer colonies. Months of careful paperwork manipulation ensured that the Omega-class destroyerAlexander was crewed only by those loyal to the ideals of the Alliance. Just before jumping out-system, the Alexander and her two companion vessels were trapped near the Io Transfer Station and ordered to surrender. Refusing, Hague opened fire on the surrounding ships. The Excalibur and the dreadnoughtSchwartzkopff sustained heavy damage allowing the Alexander to escape. Hague managed to acquire a total of five ships, far less than hoped to accomplish a coup. In the days following his escape, three of the five were tracked down and destroyed by loyalist Earthforce ships. The remaining two took off separately trying to split the massive force arrayed against them.

"As of this moment, Babylon 5 is under martial law. A curfew of 1900 hours will be maintained until further notice. Station personnel reserve the right to intercept and monitor communications in and out of Babylon 5. There will be still penalties against anyone caught inciting to riot or taking any action against the security of the station, Earth, or any of its holdings.Copies of this notice will be posted in all public places. Inquiries should be directed to the command staff. By order of the President of the Earth Alliance, Morgan Clark." - April 9, 2260

Babylon 5 responded to martial law creatively. When the Nightwatch was given total control over all off-world security through the Political Office, Captain Sheridan had them arrested for complying with an illegal order that did not respect the chain-of-command (the Political Office is not a part of the military), after reviewing the carefully worded prodding of General Smits. With near one-half of the security force incarcerated, maintaining the peace would have been impossible were it not for Citizen G'Kar's insistence that the Narns fill those positions. While legally correct, Sheridan declared war on Earth Dome. All that was left was to wait for Clark's loyalist forces to arrive for the Battle of Euphrates.

 A surprise attack in the Orion system left Hague dead, with Major Ryan assuming his position at the head of the few renegade Earthforce ships who found haven on deep patrol and the three newly independent human colonies.

 Five days after the declaration of martial law, Mars provisional governor, Xavier Montoya had not complied with the president's orders. EarthDome had no official response except, "We are considering all options." Few senators escaped the purge at EarthDome. Shock troops are out in force in all major cities: Paris, the Mexico Metroplex, London, Moscow, New Delhi, New York. Hours later, EarthForce began bombing the "most rebellious" domes on Mars -- civilian targets containing women and children. InterStellar Network News (ISN), long withholding information for fear of retribution from Clark, broadcast the bombing of Mars and other sensitive information in a long overdue fit of conscience. Clark's shock troops were already closing in on the station, terminating the broadcast. Weeks later ISN went back online. Alien terrorists and their sympathizers were blamed on sabotaging communications in a prelude to invasion.

GOVERNMENT:  Earth Alliance is the political organization of Earth and its colonies. Its structure is similar to that of the former United States: an executive branch (led by a president), a legislative branch (composed of senators from the colonies and regional sections of Earth), and a judicial branch. Under the Constitution presidents are elected for five-year terms. The President has full military control as Commander in Chief of Earthforce. There are several ministries under the Office of the President (partial listing):

Earth is divided into political zones following geographic and political lines (for example, the Indonesian Consortium, the African Bloc, Russian Consortium (no longer socialist, but still vastly inefficient), and North American Alliance). EarthGov does not have a lower house, instead individual nation/states operate under their own constitution. Overall, the Alliance determines all foreign policy, while domestic issues are left to the nation/state. Each nation/state has its own parliaments and leader, with the leader being a part of the Earth Alliance Senate and the only senator from her nation/state. Such autonomy is granted unless the nation/state contravenes the larger principles of the Alliance Constitution. The Colonies are another matter. Mars and the other important colonies, such as those in the Vega and Orion systems, are given no autonomy. Colony worlds are headed by governors chosen by Earth. Less important colonies are given greater autonomy, and correspondingly less Earth support.

 In addition to a massive bureaucracy, there are many factions within and without Earth Alliance, including:

 Free Mars This rebel organizations began is a peaceful movement to establish autonomy for the Mars Colonies through political pressure and non-violent protests. However, after almost a century of Earth-rule, Free Mars became more action oriented. Terrorism and strikes became their trademark. In response to an Earth supply embargo, Free Mars initiated food riots. After their abortive rebellion in 2258 and the bombing of Mars in 2260, Free Mars operations have been severely limited.


 "The Resistance" Once led by General Hague, a member of the EA Joint Chiefs of Staff, the group planned to unravel the web of deceit spun by President Clarke, Psi-Corps, and their Shadow "Allies." Their two major playing chips were files proving that President was not sick when Earthforce One was destroyed and a transmission from Clark to an associate (Morden) proving his complicity in the murder of then-President Santiago. Following the release of this data, Clark declared martial law and the Earth Civil War began (2260 C.E.).

 MILITARY:  The Earth Alliance military is called Earthforce. Whereas prior Earth militaries were divided into several branches, Earthforce is streamlined into two branches: the Navy and the Ground Army. The Alliance boasts the most highly skilled military in service due to two major wars within the last 35 years. Both arms of Earthforce are granted the most advanced equipment available.

 The branch most in the public eye is the Navy. Recruiting advertisements paint life in the Navy as one of exploration and adventure. No mention is made of long, eventless patrol duty in the outer sectors or zero-g latrine duty. As space superiority is the aim of the Navy, billions of credits are spent each year in research and alien technology espionage. The Earthforce Navy boasts one of the most efficient ship production schedules, in addition to a constant cycle of refits performed on existing vessels. While Earth technology has succeeded in placing more weapons per square meter on Earth vessels than most other races, Earth ships are severely lacking in maneuverability.

  • Every Earthforce Command and Control center has been programmed to transmit its ID Secure Code on a sub-channel in order to prevent counterfeit orders.


 Everyone who joins EarthForce has their DNA mapped and logged for identification purposes.


 Ground troops are commonly called GROPOS ( GRO und PO under S ) or the slang term "jarheads."


 The most urgent Earthforce directive is labeled Ultra-Violet Priority.


COLONIES: The main Earth Alliance colonies are Proxima III, Orion VII, and Mars.  The Earth Alliance typically takes 30% of the gross colonial product. In return, the colony receives support literature (in both book and vid form) and the occasional appearance of an Earthforce vessel.


NOTES:  Some humans are Technomages. The most powerful and respected is Elric, my mentor. Having joined the brotherhood, we shed our human identities as our alien brothers do the same. Of course, the EA does not see us so and would not mind plumbing our secrets.


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