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"You were raised by the Corps, clothed by the Corps. We are your father and your mother." - Alfred Bester, Psi Cop, 2259 C.E.

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 With the advent of provable, full-blown psychic ability in humans around 2110 C.E., telepathic regulatory agencies were immediately set up to counter the fears of the "normal" population. Most of  these legislations were confused attempts to calm a frightened populace which failed or were overturned by courts of law. None were a complete solution for appeasing the suspicious public and the human rights of telepaths. It was not until 2150 when Earth Alliance President Robinson created the Psi Corps of today. According to Psi Corps propaganda, the impetus for her policy centered around the heroic act of William Karges, head of her personal  security staff, and a secret telepath. Using his abilities, he thwarted four terrorist attempts

on Robinson's life. He supposedly died saving the presidential hovercade from being bombed. With his death she passed equal-opportunity laws to ensure that telepaths could register their abilities without fear of discrimination.

 President Robinson also chartered Psi Corps (a conglomeration of the various telepathic regulatory agencies at the time) to help telepaths live in society, and not simply "keep the normals safe." Psi Corps' role was to locate, control, and license telepaths for work in commercial, legal (with very stiff regulations), and military sectors. Unfortunately, her policy never stuck to the ideals that it touted. Telepaths were still discriminated against buy forcing them to wear gloves (for the protection of the normal's privacy), marking them as a teep. In addition, telepaths are generally excluded from holding high public office, or even endorsing a candidate (although this has changed - current Earth Alliance president Clark was endorsed by the Corps in his bid for the Vice-Presidency). According to the Psi Corps rules, all telepaths are forbidden from engaging in unauthorized scans.  The Psi Corps is a monolithic agency now, with several major divisions: Psi Cops, Military, Research and Development, the Mix, and others. Earth Force uses telepaths from the Military Division on a loan-out or special intelligence basis, rather than within their core units of soldiers and officers.

 The Mix was created under the Internal Security Act of 2156. Psi Corps was given technical jurisdiction over it. It  grew into the biggest conglomerate of private telepaths in the Earth Alliance. is a commercial branch that provides telepathic services for businesses. Once headed by the visionary Arthur Malten, it is now no longer the ambitious agency it was since his untimely death on Mars. While the Psi Corps has its own Commerce division, the Mix is a much more popular choice for commercial telepaths. Their employees almost equal that of Psi Corps and have scores of offices on more worlds and stations than the Corps itself. Since telepathy has been proven, the commercial application of psi powers has been a lucrative business. It has also kept many business deals honest. A commercial telepath can be hired by one or both groups, or both can hire their own teeps. It is not uncommon for both negotiating parties to share the cost of hiring one teep. A hired telepath is not bound to volunteer that her employer lying. If the other party asks, the telepath would simply refuse to answer (which signals the other group that you're lying).

 Telepaths are heavily encouraged to enter Psi Corps, and normals are given incentives to turn telepaths in. Discovered telepaths are given three choices: join the Corps, be imprisoned, or be administered drugs that smothers telepathic abilities and live the life of a normal. There are rumors that those who refuse to join or take the drugs simply disappear. Even the "choice" of the psychic-suppression drugs is deadly, contrary to Psi-Corps propaganda; eventually wearing the patient down mentally and physically.

 Employees are indoctrinated into the hierarchical organization with subtle subconscious programming the day they arrive. Although this makes loyalty to the Corps fairly certain, it does not override free-will. Those that resist their superiors are hunted down and neutralized by the most powerful Psi Corps operatives, Psi Cops. Those heading the Corps view their lower members as cattle; using their members for covert operations, forcing male and female psis to marry  against their will

(and if completely unwilling, the females are raped or artificially inseminated) as part a breeding program to produce more powerful telepaths. Brain chemistry experimentation is also high on the Corps' agenda. Thus far, a stable empath has been created. Experiments to push a human beyond the P12 limit have been classified. Its mission to help telepaths now forgotten, Psi Corps is a powerful branch within the Alliance; using blackmail and subterfuge to gain power and wealth.

 P-Rating System

 Telepaths are rated by Psi Corps according to the limit of one's abilities according the the P-rating system. Initial tests determine the P-potential of a teep. While training can increase a telepath's P-rating, most telepaths only become more competent in the P-rating they were born with.


Telepathic abilities are minimal and erratic: mild empathy, some blocking abilities. Telepaths at this level are not officially "taken in" by the Corps, however, the Corps tracks and logs them for genetic purposes.





Mildly stronger than the above abilities. These telepaths serve functionary roles within the Corps; their jobs range from manning Psi Corps testing facilities to public relations and bureaucratic positions.

can receive strong emotions, some detailed information in brief bursts. Telepaths of this rating usually belong to the Commercial Telepath Corps.

can receive strong emotions, some detailed information in brief bursts. At his level, leadership positions within the Corps are available: from administrating the numerous testing and training centers to managing the Commercial Telepath Corps.

powerful enough to rip the information out of a resisting person. Telepaths of this level are hired mostly as teachers or indoctrinators of other telepaths.


A telepath of this level either becomes a Psi Cop or dead. A Psi Cop is given the authority to enforce all Alliance laws governing telepaths and is charged with recovering rogue telepaths. The scanning range of a P12 telepath is greatly increased when in hyperspace, allowing her to pinpoint the location of ships through though waves emanating from the crew.


Genetic therapy can push a telepath beyond normal limits. At this level, telepaths begin to sense the universe at its component levels. Insanity is a very real danger since the massive psi abilities are unstable to an untrained mind. Telekinesis, empathy, and telepathy are at a very high level allowing the telepath almost god-like powers. Only one known human has been able to ascend to this level and survive. Unfortunately for the Corps, the subject, Jason Ironheart, killed the lead researcher on the project and erased the experiment data. He was later thought killed while trying to escape Babylon 5.


"We're Everywhere for your Convenience" - Psi Corps ad

 It is the duty of all Earth Alliance citizens to insure that telepaths of any age register with Psi Corps. Telepathy usually develops near or during puberty. Testing Centers are widespread on Earth. In addition to established Centers, there are mobile units that travel from school to school testing students for psi potential. Young telepaths are removed from their family unit and placed in the local Psi Corps Center. To lessen the psychological damage each telepath is assigned a senior student for support for one year. The senior student has been trained in the use of subtle calming and brainwashing techniques that strengthens the young telepath's loyalty to the Corps. At the Center, the child is tested to determine her psi level and skill at using her abilities. Basic instruction is also given; mainly in the area of blocking out the thoughts of others. However, no matter how strong the telepath is, there is always a "background hum." After a year, the telepath is usually transferred to the Psi Corps Academy

 Training at the Academy is difficult and most burn out before their training is complete. Telepaths are drilled in the use of their powers within the Corps guidelines. Scanning is strictly controlled. Unauthorized scans require a court order or the assent of the subject's next of kin. Evidence uncovered by a scan is not admissible in a court of law unless it is performed on the subject's deathbed (with the subject's permission) and there is corroborating evidence. In addition to instruction in the use of telepathy, the Corps offers extensive courses in many "normal" fields: economics, scientific theory, tactics, government, criminal law, xenology, etc. Commercial telepaths are given training in negotiation skills and business law. Commercial telepaths need clearance, payment, and details of the business transaction before they will mediate a deal. Telepaths entering work on criminal cases are very few in number. Scanning criminal minds is very stressful and leads to a high burn-out rate. After seral years of education, the telepath is to choose an internship to determine if a certain section of Psi Corps is what he wishes to join. If that division is not to the telepath's liking, a transfer to another section is usually granted.

 Those rare individuals rated P12 are taken to a special training center where they receive top-notch instruction. Each Psi Cop is checked out on all the fastest military hardware, allowing them to operate on their own if needed. Although P12s are given the best of everything, they must always have total loyalty to the Corps.

 Psi Corps operates a secret training/research facility in Syria Planum , Mars.


Telepaths that refuse to take sleepers or join the Corps become "blips." They are placed in concentration camps to be used by the Corps as they wish. Each Blip much wear a bracelet that is coded with their personal data, P-Rating and internment history.


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