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PHYSIOLOGY: From a cursory examination,  the Arnassians appear to be a near-human species; however, like the Centauri, the internal biology of an Arnassian is radically different. A thin layer of skin covers a chitinous exoskeleton (which is supported by a minimal endoskeletal system as well). The females of the species are pure carnivores and  can subsist on blood alone for limited amounts of time. Male Arnassians are smaller in stature and omnivorous.

More male Arnassians than females are born. After having sexual intercourse the female will eat her mate, thus keeping the male population in check.

CULTURE: Males are held in high regard in Arnassian society, yet are given no real power. Although a structured etiquette system is in place, backstabbing is common among the female elite.

GOVERNMENT: Matriocracy

Female and Male Arnassian

HOMEWORLD:  Arnassia


NOTES:  Arnassian prostitutes find it hard to keep a steady clientele.

IRL: Notes on the Entries


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