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HISTORY:  One of the first Sh'lassen contacts with humans occurred during the Kharonni Expedition (an Earther military/diplomatic tour of non-aligned worlds). In the late 2250's a bloody civil war broke out on the Sh'lassen worlds. The center of resistance was stationed at Matok on

 the planet Akdor. In 2259, the Sh'lassen government requested the aid of Earth Alliance in defeating the rebels. Earth Alliance complied in exchange for the rights to set up a base in Sh'lassen territory. During Operation Sudden Death, the humans defeated the rebels at their fortress at Matok, killing or capturing most of the rebel leaders. The rebellion folded soon after.

HOMEWORLD:  The third world in the Sh'lassen Triumvirate is named Akdor. Their worlds are strategically close to Narn and Centauri space.

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