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Technology Classification System

 What follows is a loose system of classification used to determine the approximate level of technological advancement among the various sentient species detailed in this hyper-document. It is meant to only be a general guideline and not an authoritative definition.

The Ages of Advancement

Pre-Sentient Age [ex: the Kinderrach on Omelinn III]
 Very little social organization. Simple "twig technology" in use.

Primitive Age
 Tribal organization. Food gained through hunting and gathering and/or primitive agriculture. Simple tools in use. Transportation is primarily by foot. Verbal and pictorial communication.

Archaic Age [ex: Froon]
 Regional social organization. Food gained through planting crops and breeding livestock. Small scale manufactured goods. Transportation through animal, water, and/or wind-powered means. Written communication.

Industrial Age [ex: Cauralline]
 Continental social organization. Population is divided evenly between agricultural and manufacturing industries. Tools become more advanced. Electricity is in use. Simple mechanized vehicles. Mass produced text and some electronic communication.

Atomic Age [ex: Pre'lek]
 Mass production becomes more efficient, giving rise to advances in alloys and plastics. Primitive space travel.

 Information Age [ex: Onteen]
 Global social organization. Automation increases effeciency in manufacturing. Atomic and solar power are in use. In-system space travel is developed. Information based industries arise.

 Stellar Age [ex: Humans]
 The galactic average. Colonial social organization. Highly efficient industries. Large-scale contruction techniques discovered. Jumpgate technology allows extra-system travel. Tachyon-based communication allows "instant" communication over interstellar distances.

Galactic Age [ex: Centauri]
 Some principles of magneto-gravitics are developed. Advanced biochemistry.

Gravitic Age [ex: Minbari]
 Magneto-gravitic principles are fully understood. Crystalline-based (rather than metallurgic) technology developed. Slicer-beam weaponry discovered.

Organic Age [ex: Ikarrans]
 Ability to create fully functioning organic technology: from scanners to starships. Planetary-scale device construction possible. Research into "souls" yields results.

Ultratech [ex: Shadows]
 Creation of powerful, multi-function crystalline artifacts. Manipulation of "souls" possible. Entry/exit to hyperspace accomplished through advanced means: dimensional phasing/hyperflux.

Ascendant [ex: the Worm, Jason Ironheart]
 Almost god-like in intelligence and power. All, in part or in whole, are extradimensional in nature. Not only do they walk among the stars like giants, almost no barrier bars their passage.


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