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Advanced Drugs and Medicine

Anti-Agapic | Devalera | Dust | Florazyne | Metazine | Morph Gas | Oxy Pills | Preslecomp | Skin Tabs | Stimulants

Anti-Agapic - Finding an immortality serum has been dreamed about for millennia by many species. The Russian Consortium on Earth spend several years and millions of credits researching if such an anti-aging drug could be developed. Almost all attempts to create such a drug have failed.
 In 2258, the
Dilgar Warmaster, Jha'Dur, arrived on the station Babylon 5 proclaiming to have "the ultimate triumph of life" -- a universal anti-agapic. It would effectively stop aging and prevent disease. The immortality serum Jha'Dur offered, however, was a curse in disguise. For it to be effective, a critical element of another living being was required. For one to live forever (barring physical trauma), another must die. Jha'Dur relished the thought of a galaxy-wide Immortality War where beings would slaughter millions to grant themselves life forever. Presumably all the data on the anti-agapic was destroyed with her ship. The Minbari Wind Swords might have copies of that data, and a sample of the serum is still in Dr. Franklin's possession.

(From agathanasia which itself is derived from the Greek aganthos [good] + thanatus [death])

Devalera - A drug designed to revive a patient after suffering cardiac arrest. Should the patient not respond to its application, a cardiac stimulator is the patient's only hope for survival.

Dust - Created in 2255 by Psi Corps to develop telepathic ability in "normals," dust was a failure. It speeds up neural processing ten times and then stimulates the latent telepathic gene in humans. With its effect lasting several hours, dust allows the user to telepathically rape a victim. Essentially, it allows the person to experience everything their victim has in the space of a few minutes. The experience is intense and highly addictive, and leaves the victim in a state of traumatic shock (other symptoms include total lack of consciousness and blood pressure far below normal). The more dust is used, the more it takes to get the same effect. Usually the victim recovers from the physical effects of the rape in a few days, telepaths never recover from such violation. The genetic key in the drug can access the DNA sequence of most alien species. Projections suggest that although dust is unsuccessful in promoting telepathic abilities in normal humans, it could have a bolstering effect on the latent gene in Narns.

Florazyne - An extremely rare chemical found only in the Damocles Sector. To Vorlon physiology, it is a deadly poison.

Metazine - On human physiology, metazine is a psychotropic agent that disorients the subject. Some black government agencies are known to use this as an interrogation tool. A more medicial version of metazine is an effective pain blocker for terminal neural paralysis.  Hydrometazine is used as a painkilling agent on trauma victims.

Morph Gas - A human-made non-lethal gas that is used to render a group of people unconscious. Higher concentrations can be used to affect various alien species, however, such concentrations usually kill species of weaker constitutions.

Oxy Pills - Increases the oxygen in a beings' system. It can be used to sober someone up.

Preslecomp - A human drug that assists the body in increasing blood iron.

Skin Tabs - Not a drug, but an economical (and disposable) form of drug administration. The tab itself is similar in function to the ancient syringe, but made of recyclable materials. Usually administered to the back of the wrist, the tab injects its reserves into the bloodstream. Skin Tabs are also known as "slappers" or poison tabs.

Stimulants - This drug is used to increase physical and mental activity in humans. Stims (as they are popularly known) are legal as long as they are prescribed and used in moderation. Unfortunately, this drug is highly addictive and many people have fallen trying to use stims to "give them more time to do more things." Overuse of stims saturates the blood. It is flushed gradually from the body and, when gone, the withdrawal pains are extremely painful.

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