PHYSIOLOGY: Humanoid with surface feline traits.

PSYCHOLOGY:  It is presumed that all Dilgar were as callous and  vicious as their Warmasters

HISTORY:  Little is known about them, save that they attempted to invade the Non-Aligned sectors in 2230. They slaughtered entire races and decimated planets that were not strategic or valuable.

Among those planets decimated were: Hilak 7, Latig 4, Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax. Planets that were valuable, like Balus, were subjugated. Only with the help of Earth Alliance did the Non-Aligned Worlds succeed in driving the Dilgar back to their homeworld after the Battle of Salos in 2232. All Dilgar Warmasters were captured and tried for their crimes, except for one, who disappeared during the fighting at Salos. Confined to their world, the Dilgar ceased to exist when their sun went nova a few years later. It is rumored that the Narn and Centauri had collaborated with the Dilgar.

 The most infamous Dilgar, Warmaster Jha'Dur, known to many as "Deathwalker," resurfaced on Babylon 5 in 2258. She was killed by the Vorlons on her way to Earth, where she had planned to develop and mass-produce her anti-agapic drug with the help of Earther and League scientists.

 HOMEWORLD: Omelos, Caliban Sector; Now destroyed since its sun went nova.

NOTES:  A memorial to the worlds and peoples the Dilgar destroyed was erected in the Hanging Gardens (Alien Sector) of Babylon 5.

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