Homeguard is a radical pro-Earth, pro-Human movement that has cells spread across the known galaxy. They aim to prevent alien races from stealing human jobs and to counter the growing alien social and cultural influence on Earth and its colonies.

 While anti-alien sentiments were voiced by various groups after Earth's first contact with the Centauri, they were scattered and disorganized. After the Earth-Minbari War, many people felt that such sentiments were justified. The Homeguard gained power and influence. In May 2255, Homeguard bombed the Io Jumpgate, destroying a passenger liner that they suspected carried a number of alien ambassadors. By early 2257, Homeguard acquired a military cruiser and Narn nuclear devices with which they hoped to destroy Babylon 5 during its inaugural ceremony. They hoped that destroying the alien infested station along with Earth's xenopiliac president and many alien ambassadors would send a clear message. Fortunately, the Agamemnon foiled Homeguard's plans despite internal sabotage.

 In 2258, Homeguard launched a series of vicious attacks on Babylon 5. The local cell leader, Malcom Biggs, planned to assassinate the four alien ambassadors of the major powers (Narn, Minbari, Centauri, and Vorlon). Fortunately, the plans were halted by the B5 Command Staff. Should the killings have succeeded, they would have signalled other cells to slaughter other alien leaders throughout Alliance territory.

 A few months later, Homeguard attempted to frame Babylon 5 security chief Garibaldi for trying to kill Earth Alliance President Santiago. That attempt failed as the truth was revealed. Far more competent killers succeeded on January 1, 2259, when Santiago's ship was destroyed near Io. Their applause of his death paved the way for their inclusion into Nightwatch in 2260.

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