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Type: Terrestrial Homeworld

Position: Sol System

Local Star Type: G2 - yellow

Length of Year: 365.24 standard days

Moons:  1

Atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen, 20%Oxygen, 2% Other

Hydrosphere: 66% surface area

Gravity: Standard

Capital City: Geneva, Switzerland

Population: 5 billion (*est.)

 Following a near-ecological disaster, Earth slowly recovered. Legislation in the 2000's helped curb the exploitation of the environment.

 While most cities remained as they were, several were enclosed in domes for "protection" from orbital bombardment and to curb pollution. Most Domes were erected for use by the Earth Alliance: BethsedaDome (bio-genetic warfare labs) and AirDome (Earth Force piloting center), for example. Some areas of the planet have been turned into alien enclaves, like New Delhi, parts of the Sahara, and areas humans have deemed uninhabitable.

 The closest jumpgate to Earth is at Io for security reasons. Keeping it at a great distance from Earth causes potential aggressors to use their jump engines, reducing their power output for a sneak attack. Additionally, keeping the gate within the energy field of Jupiter makes it a difficult target for long-range fire.


 The former city of Switzerland was chosen to the seat of the new Earth Alliance. Fears about alien invasion made it an ideal location because of the surrounding Alps. The main reason for chosing the location were the surrounding Alps. The old city was bulldozed, and in 2160, Earth Dome was complete.

 Underlying the glass and steel alloys of the dome are buildings covered in decorative Italian Portland marble. Because Portland is extremely susceptable to pollution, only pedestrian traffic is allowed. Most of the city is dedicated to government installations. The centerpiece of the city is the Central Administration building. Adjacent to it is the Senate building. Central to the Senatorial chambers is a semi-circular Narn bloodwood table, a gift in calmer times. Mirroring the curve of the table is a large viewport allowing great vistas of the surrounding parklands. The opposite side of the room is lined with presidential portraits. The Senate building was heavily damaged when President Clark declared martial law in April, 2260. The building was renovated for use by more favorable ministries. After the Alliance Civil War surviving and newly-elected Senators returned to the building.


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