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Minbari War Cruiser

Model: Minbari Valeria-On-High Shipyards Sharlin-class War Cruiser

Length: 1055m

Maximum Linear Velocity: .2 c (80 BoPrills)

Drive System: Stalasha Gravimetric Engine

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Cargo Capacity: 2000 M tons

Crew: 190

Ground Troops:  150

Fighter Compliment: 15 Nial-class Heavy Fighters


 Known Minbari War Cruisers:

  • Ingata - war cruiser on which the war hero Branmer's body was to be carried to Minbar (2258 C.E.).

 Joran - participated in several battles during the Earth-Minbari War, most notably the Baker's Star massacre (or Cela 13 victory).

 Kinsha - almost destroyed during the Earth-Minbari War in battle in the New Parala system, the Kinsha still serves the Federation.

 Solaris - Transport vessel occasionally used by the Grey Council.

 Trigati - renegade war cruiser destroyed by another Minbari ship in 2259.

 Valen'tha - Grey Council homeship on constant patrol of Federation territories. It is considered the highest of honors to serve with this ancient vessel.

 The design of the War Cruiser has evolved in the thousand years since the Shadow Uprising from a horizontal orientation to a more vertical position.

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