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David MacIntyre

"I was responsible...Their armor was not strong enough to protect them... Their horses were on fire!"

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Homeworld:  Earth

Date of Birth: 2208 C.E.

Profession: ex-EarthForce officer/Narn Resistance Leader

Religious Affiliation: Church of England

 Life as he knew it ended on November 12, 2242. The three alien vessels were beautiful and deadly at the same time as they glided toward the small Earth convoy. The largest vessel approached the small convoy, gun ports open. As neared within 5,000 clicks Gunnery Sergeant MacIntyre was ordered to open fire. Plasma fire lanced from the EAS Prometheus into the Minbari vessel. The rest of the fleet opened fire leaving the unsuspecting Minbari cruisers damaged. Before the Minbari could react, the Earthers fled into hyperspace.

 That act of fear began a war that almost destroyed the human race. A war that David MacIntyre blamed himself for. The EarthForce Board of Review absolved him of any responsibility as he was only following orders. Such absolution did nothing for how he felt. David fell into ever increasing bouts of depression. Heavy losses pushed Earth to take anyone available to defend the Alliance; MacIntyre was placed back on active duty. He volunteered to fight in the Battle of the Line and was one of the few to survive. After receiving the Silver Star for Valor for his actions during the Line, David received an honorable discharge from EarthForce in February, 2253.

 Seven years later, after the Earth Alliance came under martial law, David MacIntyre boarded the Starliner Asimov for the independent station Babylon 5.

 King Arthur walked off the shuttle in Bay . How he acquired the armor and sword on his limited funds and how he smuggled them on board the Asimov remains a mystery. He insisted he was the once and future king, confusing the downfall of Camelot with the Earth-Minbari War. He was confronted with the truth of his delusional condition. The truth opened the "old wound" and left him in a catatonic state. Only the forgiveness of the Minbari Ambassador Delenn (or the Lady of the Lake as he saw her) cured his guilt and pain.

 Healed in mind and body, David MacIntyre found a new mission among the Narns. The transport Bu'Kala took him to Narn where he helped organize the rebellion against the Centauri.

 [Played by Michael York]

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