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"Ever Vigilant Work" - Nightwatch Propaganda

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 History is full of jack-booted, militant, bigoted, small-minded groups. Nightwatch is nothing new. A branch of the Ministry of  Peace, Nightwatch is under the direct control of the executive branch of the Earth Alliance. The organization has undergone several phases of development designed to insure loyalty to the group and to the President's orders. One of heads of this "security" organization is Mr. Welles, a slick bureaucrat.

Phase I: The Hook

  • Lists of Earth Alliance employees are compiled focusing on credit history, political affiliations, known sympathies, and psychological profiles. Those fitting the most appropriate parameters are invited to join the Nightwatch. A stipend of 50 credits per week is offered.

 Prospective members are told that only by monitoring the words, deeds, and even thoughts, of individuals, will lasting peace be forged. Members in high visibility roles are told to wear black armbands to let people know they are "being safeguarded."

 Files are flagged of those that do not join.

Phase II: The (Party) Line

 Paranoia and assurances that these hard measures are for the good and safety of Earth interests keep those wary sticking to the party line. New powers are granted to Nightwatch officials, with accompanying duties.

  • It is inappropriate for Earth Alliance employees to criticize EarthGov or its decisions. Violations will result in immediate fines and penalties.

 Civilian violators should be reported to the higher Nightwatch authorities for proper investigation.

 An expansion of investigative powers to include past associations; family and friends that might draw others into compromising positions.

 The ability to monitor/censor publications to insure ideological correctness.

 The rules of evidence become revised to make them more flexible.

Phase III: The Sinker

 Nightwatch members are regarded as above suspicion (thus making leaving the organization impossible as leaving would be a sign of disloyalty). The witch hunt is begun in earnest: Senators, high-rank military officers, news media correspondents, and certain Joint Chiefs of Staff are marked as selling Earth out. Under a ruse that these opponents of the President's will are part of an effort to weaken the Earth Alliance from within and are a prelude to an alien invasion, plans are made to arrest and neutralize them.

  • Nightwatch members are given even more latitude in ferreting out dissidents: they are authorized to check a subject's past history, social contacts, and party affiliations. They are even allowed access to private e-mail, Stellarcom, and local vidcom communications.

 Anonymous tips on traitorous individuals are encouraged and given serious consideration.

 Firmly entrenched, the Nightwatch and its members became responsible for all off-world security when martial law was declared on Earth in 2260. Non-members were encouraged (after extensive background checks) to join to retain their jobs.

Babylon Fallout

 Following Babylon 5's secession from Earth Alliance, the fringe element of Nightwatch, composed of homicidal "patriots," captured Minbari ambassador Delenn and Shi Alyt Lenann. The two Minbari were held hostage in an attempt to remove the Minbari War Cruisers from Babylon Space, thus allowing Earth Force a chance to take the station by force. The traitorous command staff was given an ultimatum having the Minbari ships leave within six hours or the two Minbari captives would die. Using file footage of Minbari ships, the small group of Nightwatch operatives were fooled into leaving their secure hideout in Grey 14A. The ringleader, Boggs, was killed during the escape, and the psychopath known as Sniper was incarcerated. With the removal of this cell, Nightwatch's hold on the station was rendered impotent.

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