Dr. Morden


"He is never alone." - Ambassador Delenn, 2259

Species: Human

Sex:  Male

Profession:  Earthforce scientist/Shadow Thrall

 Official records of Dr. Morden are sketchy at best. Morden received a PhD in archaeology (with a specialty in archaeo-linguistics) at a mediocre college. Upon graduation he immediately entered Earthforce and worked in their New Technologies Division. He married and had a daughter (born in 2250). Both of whom were killed in May 2255 in the terrorist bombing of the Io jumpgate. technician aboard the Interplanetary Expeditions vessel Icarus during its ill-fated journey to the Rimworld Z'ha'dum. Five weeks after embarking from Station Prime in Earth orbit, all communications from the Icarus stopped. The unsuspecting explorers were set up by their employer, which appears to be a front company for the Psi Corps.

 Soon after settling on the planet, the Icarus performed preliminary scans of the landing site. A team of three were sent to examine what appeared to be a burial mound surrounded by a high concentration of obelisks similar to those that covered the surface of the planet. The exploration team failed to return. And then They appeared out of thin air. One-hundred forty crew members were given a choice: Join us or die.

 Morden was not terribly disappointed by the turn of events. In return for his fealty, he became their frontman and advisor on lower-species politics. The fate of the remaining crew of the Icarus' expedition to Z'ha'dum remains in question. By choosing to serve, Morden was "adjusted" to the presence of the Shadows. At least three Shadows accompany him wherever he goes to insure that he complies exactly to their wishes. Contrary to what Morden believes, he is merely an expendable agent to them. Should he reveal anything about his associates, he will be killed and anyone who might have had contact with him.

 A year later (August, 2258 C.E.), he arrived on Babylon 5. No one questioned the status of his Identicard. He was required to interview the resident ambassadors of the five largest powers and could not leave until he had done so. He first approached G'Kar of the Narn Regime, saying that Councillor To'Bar arranged for this meeting. In response to "What do you want?" To which G'Kar replied: "The Centauri stripped my world. I want justice!" As an answer it was not enough. Morden asked, "What do you want?" "To suck the marrow from their bones and grind their skulls to powder." The Narn showed some potential, but far from realized. "What do you want," repeated Morden. This time G'Kar opened himself: "To tear down their cities, blacken their sky, sow their ground with salt! To completely, utterly erase them!" But the Narn had no vision of a future beyond that. A pity.

 Next he approached Delenn of the Minbari Federation. Her Grey Council implant showed him and his associates for what they were. She demanded that he leave her quarters at once.

 Thirdly, he asked Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic the same question: "What do you want?" Almost always, the initial reaction to this inquiry is either written off as ridiculous or angrily dismissed. Londo had the former response. "What do you want," Morden persisted. "To be left alone." As Londo walked away, Morden hooked him with one last question: if that was what Londo really wanted. Perturbed by such an inquisition by a human, Londo let loose. "I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want to see the Centauri stretch out their hand again and command the stars. I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power. I want to stop running through my life like a man late for an appointment, afraid to look back or look forward. I want us to be what we used to be. I want it all back, the way that it was." Morden's quest was at an end. Morden is later intercepted by Kosh, the Vorlon ambassador. The Vorlon warned him and his associates, "Leave this place. They are not for you. Go. Leave. Now." Morden smugly watched as his associates attacked the Vorlon. With the Vorlon out of the way, arrangements were made to ingratiate the Centauri ambassador to their side. It was a small matter to have a Shadow Battlecruiser follow the Raiders who had recently stolen a valuable Centauri artifact. and recover it. Morden returned it to Londo, saving the ambassador's career.  Over time, Morden arranged for his associates to destroy strategic Narn installations at the whim of Londo Mollari. The Centauri had been given much in return for nothing. Only Vir Cotto, Londo's attaché, cared nothing about what he and his associates had done for his people. Morden asked him, "What do you want?" "I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a  pike, as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden?" The plump assistant even had the audacity to wave at him as he left. This was one request he was sure would not be filled.

 Somehow, his presence on station was brought to the attention of Captain Sheridan, Babylon 5's commanding officer. Morden was incarcerated without being charged. Sheridan was desperate to know the fate of the Icarus and his wife. When asked what happened two years ago, Morden lied. He explained that the ship encountered problems after being dropped off by its carrier. He was working outside the ship in an EVA suit when the Icarus exploded, A passing transport found the wreck and rescued him. He recovered in a med-station on Vega. He now plied the space-lanes as a trader. Should he tell the truth, his associates would kill him and destroy the station. If Sheridan kept pushing, eventually he would have to give the truth. Eventually he was released. Obviously, the threat of losing his command and pressure from the Centauri made Sheridan see reason.  Since the station severed ties with Earth in 2260, Morden still arrives and departs from the station. Bribes of precious gemstones (mostly diamonds) go a long way on a credit-strapped space station. When the Vorlons defeated Shadow forces, Morden let his associates into the Vorlon ambassador's quarters. The Shadows finished what Kosh started when they first met. Outnumbered, Kosh was killed, but not  without a fight.

Morden continued his relationship with the Centauri through Lord Refa and then back to Londo.  Unfortunately, when Cartagia was assassinated, Londo had plans for Mordenís fate.  With the Vorlons destroying worlds carrying the taint of the Shadows, Londo destroyed the island of Celini where the Shadows were based and have Morden beheaded, his head placed on a pike in the Imperial Gardens.  Vir waved to him.

 [Played by Ed Wasser]

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