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PHYSIOLOGY:  Humanoid beings much more intelligent than either the Goblyns or Warriors. It is interesting to note that there is a certain amount of similarity between the facial features of the Zener and the Warriors. Perhaps this race has been the subject of extreme genetic alteration: creating a race of warriors and highly-skilled workers.

PSI ABILITY:  Their telepathic ability is apparently the only way they communicate. They are able to persuade their targets by using this ability to plant suggestions in their minds.

PSI ABILITY:  They are extremely loyal to the Shadows and will commit suicide rather than  be captured alive.

HISTORY:  Their origins prior to Shadow enslavement/employ is unknown. Typically, the Shadows use them to prepare Cores for their Battlecruisers with advanced cyber-technology.

 In 2260, the Zener were given human telepaths covertly kidnapped from the Psi Corps Re-Education Center on Mars. The Zener prepared them to be merged with Shadow Battlecruisers. Unfortunately their work was pirated out from under them by the Army of Light.

TECHNOLOGY: As allies of the Shadows, they have access to Ultratech-level artifacts, if their  masters deem it necessary.

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