"Did you see those things? They could have torn us apart, but they tried to mind-warp us into killing each other instead." - Warren Keffer, 2259

PHYSIOLOGY:  Apparently genderless, these wiry Shadow servants are endowed with well-developed psi powers. Their stamina and agility surpasses that of humans. Though possibly an outgrowth of their psi talents, their ability to camoflauge themselves by taking on the texture of it's surroundings seems more in line with a physical effect. Well-aimed PPG blasts are just as deadly for them

as other normal races. Upon dying, goblyns explode and the remaining pieces decompose, leaving only a smoking scorch mark on the ground where they perished.

 PSI ABILITY: Their telepathic ability is apparently the only way they communicate. They are able to persuade their targets by using this ability to plant suggestions in their minds.

PSYCHOLOGY:  Individually intelligent, they are also excellent team players. Their preferred mode of attack is to use their psi ability to manipulate their quarry into dispaching itself.

 TECHNOLOGY: As allies of the Shadows, they have access to Ultratech-level artifacts, if their masters deem it necessary.

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