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Shadow Warriors
(a.k.a. Soldier of Darkness)

PHYSIOLOGY:  They have the same light distortion/phasing ability that the Shadows have. In material form, they stand at a towering 5-6 meters. Their diet consists of the internal organs of sentient beings. They appear to be able to control their metabolism and go for decades with little or no food. They are basically intelligent and patient. They are not invincible. If they can be tricked to become partially visible, they can  be destroyed by multiple heavy PPG blasts at point blank.

PSI ABILITY:. When a Shadow Warrior consumes a part of a sentient, a psychic link is  formed with that individual.

HISTORY:  It is also known as a "Soldier of Darkness." This group of Shadow allies is known to have participated in the Shadow Uprising one-thousand years ago. The Markab and the Narn have records of these creatures.

GOVERNMENT: This being is a lower-level Shadow servant.

TECHNOLOGY: As allies of the Shadows, they have access to Ultratech-level artifacts, if their  masters deem it necessary.

NOTES: The only human tale about these beings comes from an ex-gropo, Amis:

"We were an intelligence gathering unit, not set up for heavy combat. We'd heard the Minbari were setting up a command-and-control post, so we slipped onto a small moon before they finished the perimiter scans. We set up camp in old ruins of some kind. As far as we knew, it was a dead world.
 It came in the night during a storm. We heard nothing, saw nothing. It came right through the walls -- like a hot wind. First man died, just meters from me. Never even screamed. We ran. We ran. For a second I thought I lost it. Then I saw it. It was standing in the middle of a ball of lightning. It looked like it had come straight from hell.
 It kept me alive, as a snack. It becomes a part of you. Feeding on you. The lucky ones were the men who died on that moon. What it took from me I can never get back. When the rescue team showed up, I weighed 85 pounds... A part of me is still inside that thing. I can feel it..."

 One such "monster" was brought on board Babylon 5 by an ancient scout vessel. It had reprogrammed the ship to head for Z'ha'dum.

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