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The Milky Way Galaxy

Ten billion years ago galaxies began to form. Our own galaxy is considered average among other spiral galaxies. The Milky Way is an estimated 100,000 light years across and 2000 light years thick. 140 billion to one trillion stars burn within the galactic halo. The estimated number of life-bearing planets are in the millions -- and even with a small percentage of those containing sentient life, the sheer amount of alien life is staggering. Of course, only a very small number of sentients have been contacted. Known Space is a considerably small portion of the galaxy covering parts of the Saggitarius, Local, and Perseus Arms. Hindered by current hyperspace technology, it would take centuries to explore even a small portion of the galaxy. Although expeditions to the Galactic Core have been planned, none have been carried out. One can only dream of the dense aggregation of billions of stars approximately 0.1 light years apart.

 Our nearest large galactic neighbors are the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (52,000 and 63,000 parsecs respectively), the Andromeda Galaxy (670,000 parsecs distant), and the Triangulum Galaxy (or M33), 730,000 parsecs distant.


Quadrant 14 - Formerly a Narn colony bordering Centauri space. A quarter of a million Narns made this their home until it was attacked by Shadow vessels in 2259 at the behest of Londo Mollari. This attack pushed the Narns to declare war on the Centauri.

Quadrant 37 - A region of space that was declared neutral between the Narn and Centauri government in 2258. However, it later became the site of a heavily armed Narn military outpost that year. After a series of attacks originating from the base, Londo Mollari called upon the Shadows to destroy it. Ten thousand Narns lost their lives.


The term "sector" is a much confused word used to designate a given area of space. Sector can refer to a large are of galactic space (but smaller than a quadrant) or the local space of a system or even the system itself. When used on a system-wide scale, the sector is usually mapped in relation to an orbiting object of importance.

Sector 7(Tigris System) - Region of space very near the starboard side of Babylon 5.

Sector 14(Tigris System) - Former location of Babylon 4 and a space-time anomaly generated by the Great Machine of Epsilon 3.

 Sector 18x20x39 - Location of a habitable moon between Earth and Minbari Space. Also the site of ruins that once held a Shadow Warrior.

Sector 29 - Site of heavy fighting during the brief Narn-Centauri war (2259 C.E.)

Sector 45 - Former location of the Markab Homeworld.

Sector 90 - Location of an Alliance goods transfer station. Also a known smuggling point.

Sector 90x110x47 - Drazi Space: First successful attack by the Army of Light on a Shadow vessel, proving that they can be defeated, occurred here.

Sector 92 - Area in which the Streib gathered "specimens" for conquest, including Humans, Narn and Drazi.

Sector 119 - Minbari controlled space. In return for the use of their nearby jumpgate, the Minbari allowed the Centauri to use their trade lanes in this sector (2258 C.E.).

Sector 127 - An abandoned Centauri colony is located here. The Narn “liberated” this colony and booby-trapped it should the Centauri return.

Sector 500 - Area in which a Shadow weapons convoy was intercepted and hijacked by the Army of Light.

Sector 800 - The Shadow fleet massed on the border of Centauri Space in mid-2260 for unknown reasons.

Sector 857 - Area reported to have Shadow activity by Explorer-class vessel Cortez.

Sector 900 - Region on the Galactic Rim mapped by the Earth Alliance Explorer-class vesselCortez from 2257-2259 C.E. Also borders Vorlon Space.

Sector 913 - Region on the Galactic Rim mapped partially by the Wells Fargo Explorer-class vessel Erathosthenes. All communication with the ship ceased on December 24, 2259. All hands are presumed lost.

Antares Sector - Home sector of the Antareans. Lax law enforcement makes this area a haven for tech smugglers.

Caliban Sector - Former location of the Dilgar Homeworld, Omelos. Now this area is hazardous to space travel due to the high radiation of the decades old supernova that destroyed the Dilgar race.

Damocles Sector - Only known area of space where the poison, Florazyne can be found.

Tigris Sector - Location of the Babylon stations and the Great Machine of Epsilon 3. Also referred to as Sector 470x18x22.

Vega Sector - The Human Vega colony is located here.

[Editor's Note: 1 parsec = 3.24 light years]

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Some of the main Homeworlds in relation to Earth (illus. (c) 1998 C. Russo)

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