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"We tracked them back to their homeworld and made sure they understood the depth of their mistake." - Ambassador Delenn on the last Streib scouting mission, 2259 C.E.

PHYSIOLOGY:  The Streib are distant relatives of the Vree. The most obvious difference between the two races is the configuration of the eyes. The Vree's eyes are pure black, whereas the Streib's eyes have a red slit down the center.

HISTORY:  In preparation for an invasion, the Streib will gather data on defenses and collect "specimens" from sectors of space of interest to them. This is primarily accomplished by outfitting an abductor vessel which roams the various sectors of space seeking easy targets. Small and/or lightly armed ships are disabled and the beings inside are taken inside the ship for examination. This allows the Streib to accurately gauge technology levels, alliances, and the demeanors of the specimens' races. Examinations are thourough with little regard for the subject's inherent rights and well being. After a surgical examination, the Streib test the demeanor of the subject. Other races brought on board (previously examined) are released into the subject's cell with a Feral Motivator attached to their cranium (or the closest outside point to a species' neural processor). Forcing subjects into combat allows the Streib to accurately gauge the subject's martial prowess and demeanor.

 A prior expedition took them into Minbari space. The Minbari tracked them back to their homeworld and "made sure they understood the depth of their mistake."

 The most recent scouting party occurred in 2259, the path of which passed through Drazi, Narn, and Human space. An Earth Alliance force (the Omega-Class Destroyer Agamemnon and a squadron of Starfuries) hunted the collector ship down with the help of the Minbari Ambassador Delenn. After being ordered to free the abductees, the Streib jettisoned their prisoners out the airlocks. The Humans responded with lethal force, destroying the vessel. The Streib surrendered, hoping to avoid a war against two galactic superpowers.

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