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Explorer-class Vessel

Model: Mitchell-Hyundyne Jumpgate Construction/Exploration Vessel

Length:  4572.3m

Drive System: 6 Beigle-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engine

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Hull Displacement: 100000 metric tons

Crew: 350


 The Explorer-class starship is one of the largest mobile vessels the Earth Alliance produces (with the exception of Babylon 4). Central to the ship is a hollow cargo cavity used to store jumpgate components.

 Known Explorer-class Vessels:

  • Cortez (Earth Force) - under the command of Captain Jack Maynard. The Cortez' prior mission was to map sector 900 (2254 - 2259 C.E.). After repairing the Euphrates jumpgate, the Cortez restocked atBabylon 5 before returning to the deep.

 Eratosthenes (Wells Fargo) - commanded by Captain Ellasai Ferdinand VI; destroyed in Sector 913 by the Shadows (Dec. 24, 2259).

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