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PHYSIOLOGY: There are five distinct races of Drazi.  Differences are superficial: skin coloration ranging from purple to green,.to the amount of scale ridges on the body. Their blood is milky-white.

PSYCHOLOGY:  The Drazi are a violent, ill-tempered species. They believe that conflict brings out the best in their society. Consequently, those that are physically superior to other Drazi are taken to be mentally superior as well. Those that are cunning in battle are rewarded by the Freehold with positions of power. Drazi are avid attendees and participants of the Mutai. Drazi tend to be  read by humans as male due to their naturally aggressive nature.

 RELIGION: Droshalla is the Drazi deity "whose light fills the world. It lights the Way." Droshalla is also an image of Drazi theology that has been exploited by the Vorlons.

 The religion surrounding Droshalla has a strong tactile base. Blessed objects are touched. This touching passes on a part of the blessing to the worshipper.

LANGUAGE:  Drazi find it difficult to speak perfect English, since their  languages as a rule do not have the embellishments that the English language has. In keeping with what some would call Drazi single-mindedness, their language has followed suit and is composed of macros -- so the greatest amount of data can be given in the shortest amount of time. A Drazi lexicon:

 CUISINE:  Traditional Drazi food is served alive. One favorite is the six-tentacled skron. It is usually served underneath pasta covered in a thick white sauce. Though the pasta compliments skron quite nicely (for Drazi palettes) it mainly serves to pin the animal down.

HISTORY:  In the 2230's, the Drazi Freehold was besieged by the Dilgar. Fortunately, the war ended before the Dilgar Warlords penetrated deep into Freehold. The end of 2259 saw the Drazi faced invasion again; this time by the Centauri. They stated that a buffer zone needed to be created between their new Narn holdings and the Non-Aligned Worlds. In early 2260, a limited talk between the Centauri and Drazi was mediated by the Minbari. Talks broke down as soon as they began. The Centauri demanded seven colony worlds in place of two they previously wanted. The Drazi refused, stating that they shouldn't have to surrender any of their own territory.

 Hoping that an alliance with the Shadows would halt Centauri expansion efforts, the Drazi complied with the Shadows' wishes and attacked their neighbors as well as defending Draz and its colonies. The Drazi were horrified that their once "allies" turned on them and destroyed several of their military installations. Hopelessly outgunned and outmaneuvered, the Drazi joined the Army of Light hoping to save their people.

GOVERNMENT:  Every five cycles (or 6 Earther years), the entire Drazi Freehold participates in the Dro'hannan, a ceremonial war that determines the Freehold's ruling body for the next five cycles. The Drazi are divided into two camps by randomly choosing either a green or purple sash from a great barrel. One green and one purple sash is adorned with a pin of leadership. Whoever draws this sash becomes the leader of that color group. The next cycle is filled with non-lethal battles between the two sides. To win a battle the opposing side must either be knocked unconscious or surrender. Victories for both sides are tallied. Whichever side wins gets to elect the leaders who will fill the ruling seats of the Freehold.

 Traditionally, such fighting has been non-lethal, but in 2259 the Greens turned to cold-blooded murder. Soon the Purples followed suit. On a lighter note, the approximately 4,000 Drazi on the Earther station Babylon 5 were kept from wiping each other out by a technicality unknowingly exploited by one of the human staff. In a fit of frustration Commander Susan Ivanova grabbed the Green Leader's sash, and in effect became the new Green Leader of the Drazi on the station. According to the Rules of Battle, the one who takes the Green Leader's sash becomes the new Green Leader. The Drazi haven't been able to revise their Rules of Battle since having contact with aliens, so it was legal for a human to "participate." Her solution was to make all the Drazi on the station Purple. Needless to say, I think the alien participation amendments to the rules will no longer be held up in committee.

 The Drazi Freehold is a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Their representative on Babylon 5 is named Vizak.

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