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Warmaster Jha'Dur

"The billions who live forever will be a testimony to my work, and the billions that are murdered to provide that immortality will be the continuance of that work. That will be my monument!"

Species: Dilgar

Sex:  Female

Homeworld: Omelos; Caliban Sector

Date of Birth:  2195

Date of Death:  2258 C.E.

[Warmaster Jha'Dur]

Profession: Military Leader/Scientist

 Jha'Dur was a specialist in biochemical, biogenetic, and cyberorganic weaponry and attained the Dilgar rank of Warmaster during the Dilgar's war with the Non-Aligned Worlds. She earned the name "Deathwalker" for the atrocities she committed during the war. Her forces were responsible for the conquest of Sectors 24, 39, 43, 64, and 58. She was personally responsible for infecting the entire population of Latig 4 with Stafford's Plague in 2230 and the destruction of the planets Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax in 2231.

 During the Battle of Salos in 2232, she fled and was sheltered by the Wind Swords, a militant clan within the Minbari warrior caste. She created many insidious weapons for them to be used in their war against the humans. The Grey Council banned their use. Jha'Dur also used her time with the Wind Swords to develop an anti-agapic.

 She returned to the galaxy at large in 2258 on the station Babylon 5. She posed as Gyla Lobosh, a free trader, on Babylon 5. She was recognized by the Narn ambassador's attaché, Na'Toth. Jha'Dur survived the fight (barely) and was taken to Medlab. Once there her true identity was confirmed. She claimed that she wanted to make up for her and her people's past violence by giving the galaxy the key to immortality. That key was her anti-agapic agent. She had administered it to herself, so it appeared she hadn't aged since the war. While many called for her immediate trial and death, Jha'Dur's immortality serum was too good to refuse. She was to go to Earth where she, Earther scientists and Non-Aligned scientists would develop the drug. She was killed by the Vorlons prior to her entry into the jumpgate to Earth.

 [Played by Sarah Douglas]


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