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Galactic Timeline

  • B.C.E.= Before Current Era (B.C.)
  • C.E. = Current Era (A.D.)
  • EST = Estimated Time (exact data unavailable)





??? B.C.E.

At least one race evolves before the Shadows and First Ones. One of which, named Lorien, claims to be "father" of the First Ones; Shadows arise;  Other First Ones , beginning with the Walkers arise. The last of the First Ones, the Vorlons enters on the galactic scene.


4.5 billion B.C.E.


Earth is formed.


3.85 billion B.C.E.


Life arises on Earth


2 million B.C.E. (EST)


Australopithecines evolve.


1 million B.C.E. (EST)

Off and on fighting between the Shadows and First Ones begins; First Ones begin to leave the galaxy or hibernate.


500,000 B.C.E. (EST)

Vindrizzi created.

Homo erectus evolves.


150,000 B.C.E. (EST)


Homo sapiens arise.


35,000 B.C.E. (EST)


Neandertal man dies out.


8,000 B.C.E. (EST)

The Last Great War between the First Ones and the Shadows. After the defeat of the Shadows, many of the First Ones "pass beyond the Veil."


3,000 B.C.E. (EST)


Beginning of Human recorded history.


2,250 B.C.E.


Akkadians conquer the Sumerian city-states.


1,700 B.C.E. (EST)


Amorites conquer Sumeria and establish the capital city of Babylon. The sixth Amorite king was Hammurabi who established a uniform code of laws for his country (but was not the first ruler to do so).


1,500 B.C.E. (EST)


Sumeria falls to the semi-civilized Kassites.


500 C.E. (EST.)

Centauri -Xon War over; The Xon become extinct; Centauri Republic formed.


1100 C.E. (EST.)

Minbari develop space travel.


1250 C.E. (EST)

First appearance of Drafa on Markab homeworld; Ikarrans wiped out by their own machines of war; The Shadows make ready for war, but are caught before they are ready. On the verge of victory, the Minbari's base is destroyed; Valen arrives from the future, bringing with him a new base to fight the Shadows. Valen creates the Anla-shok. Valen restructures the Minbari government; uniting the castes through the Grey Council; A confederation of worlds, including the Vorlon, Tak’Cha and Minbari, and possibly the Narn and Markab, defeat the Shadows.

Projected end of the world by Sibylline scholars

Jeffery Sinclair arrives in the past to become Valen, accompanied by Zathras.

1360 C.E. (EST)


Valen dies. However, some scholars question if he actually did die.

1664 C.E.


 “Trappist Order” developed from the reformation of the Cistercian Order at La Trappe Monastery, France.


1700 C.E (EST.)

Centauri Republic spans over one hundred and fifty systems.


1760 C.E. (EST)

Renegade members of Varn's People exiled; Minbari clan Third Fane of Chudomo begins service with honor; Varn's civilization dies out.


1900 C.E (EST.).

Centauri Republic begins its decline.


1914 C.E.


World War I begins.


1939 C.E.


World War II begins.


1945 C.E.


The United Nations becomes operative.


1957 C.E.


October 4: Soviet Union  launches Sputnik 2 into orbit.


1969 C.E.


July 20: First manned lunar landing by United States.


2026 C.E.


International Space Station Freedom abandoned due to cost overruns.


2035 C.E.


Last gasoline powered motorcycle built.


2047 C.E.


Station Prime completed in Earth orbit.


2053 C.E.

pak'ma'ra develop hyperspace technology.


2064 C.E.


Armstrong Colony established on the Moon


2075 C.E.


Earth Alliance founded. Basis for its creation being to create an economic and political conglomerate to oversee the colonization of Mars.


2081 C.E.


After numerous studies, verifiable telepathy among Humans is confirmed.


2090 C.E.


First Mars Colony established (Initial population: 100)


2099 C.E.


First Mars Colony bombed (1200 die).


2105 C.E.


Permanent Mars Colony established.


2107 C.E.


United Nations disbands. Most of its functions are transferred to the Earth Alliance.


2113 C.E.

Centauri invade Narn homeworld.


2122 C.E.


Earth Alliance formally becomes the governmental structure of Earth and its holdings.


2130 C.E.


Skywalker Asteroid Base founded.


2138 C.E.

Centauri colony Raghesh 3 establish with Narn slave labor.


2145 C.E.


Ganymede Outpost founded.


2150 C.E.


Permanent Mars Colony fully operational; San Diego bombed.


2152 C.E.


Psi Corps (formerly Committee on Psychic Phenomena) formalized and becomes a branch of the EA.


2153 C.E.


Earth Alliance launches Sleeper Ships to explore other star systems


2155 C.E.

The Centauri make contact with the Humans .


2156 C.E.


Centauri construct a jumpgate in Earth orbit; The Mix (a conglomerate of private commercial telepaths) is established.


2160 C.E.

Battle of Nashok - The Eye, belonging to the Centauri, is lost.

 Earthdome built in Geneva.


2161 C.E.


Centauri sell jumpgate technology to the Humans.


2163 C.E.


Lockheed-Mitchell Corporation constructs Earth's first jumpcapable exploration vessel.


2164 C.E.


Small orbital station constructed in Proxima system.


2165 C.E.


Proxima III colony founded.


2169 C.E.


Procyon II Colony founded; colony disappears after two days.


2170 C.E.


Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-10 Starfury ("Aries") unveiled at Ross 128.


2176 C.E.


Orion VII colony founded.


2181 C.E.


Metric system officially dropped in favor of the Imperical system, mainly to annoy the French.


2198 C.E.


Earth Force constructs jumpgate at Io and deactivates Centauri jumpgate in Earth orbit due to Alliance security concerns.


2200 C.E.


March 3: Mars Colony formally requests independence from Earth; Blue Jays sold to the Mars Consortium


2209 C.E.

Centauri forced off Narn homeworld by the Narn Resistance.


2215 C.E.

League of Non-Aligned Worlds formed.


2220 C.E.


Mindwiping technology becomes practical.


2221 C.E.


Most forms of prostitution, in Earth jurisdiction, have been legalized and unionized.


2230 C.E.

Dilgar begin invasion of the Non-Aligned sectors; Population of Latig IV infected with Stafford's Plague by Warmaster Jha'Dur; Hilak 7 conquered by the Dilgar.

 Earth Alliance experiments with cyber-implants and fail. These experiments were later resumed in secret by Psi Corps and resulted in partial success (Codename: Project Lazarus).


2231 C.E.

Earth-Dilgar War formally declared; Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax destroyed by Jha'Dur


2232 C.E.

Dilgar defeated and driven back to their homeworld.


2237 C.E.


Europa mining strikes.


2242 C.E.

(September 12) Narn Fleet Commander G'Kar conquers the Tuchanq .


2243 C.E.

Earth Alliance Convoy encounters a Minbari fleet. Arrogant and frightened, the small fleet opens fire -- crippling the Minbari flagship carrying Minbari leader Dukhat. Dukhat dies as a result. Earth-Minbari War begins.


2245 C.E.

(December) Earth-Minbari War ends under mysterious circumstances.


2247 C.E.


Earth begins courting the Vorlon Empire for contact.


2248 C.E.


Peter Ashton elected president of the Earth Alliance; Free Mars formally announces its manifesto to remove Mars from Earth rule.


2249 C.E.


The Babylon Project is begun.


2250 C.E.


Babylon Station collapses; Babylon 2 destroyed.


2251 C.E.


Mars food riots. Captain John Sheridan and Commander Jeffrey Sinclair participate in supressing the riots; Leo Mueller wins the grand master chess title.


2252 C.E.


Babylon 3 destroyed.


2253 C.E.


Louis Santiago elected president of Earth Alliance; Shadows begin influencing Psi Corps .


2254 C.E.


Babylon 4 disappears.


2255 C.E.


(May) Homeguard terrorists bomb the Io jumpgate as a passenger liner exits hyperspace. Among the casualties are the wife and child of Dr. Moden .


2256 C.E.


Babylon 5 goes online.


2257 C.E.

(January) Babylon 5 formally opened; The Vorlon Empire sends an ambassador, Kosh Neranek, to Babylon 5 . He was nearly killed by an assassination plot by a group of Minbari, Narn, and Human agents.


2258 C.E.

(January) First case of the New Drafa Plague discovered on Markab homeworld. Ragesh 3, a Centauri agricultural colony, is captured by Narn forces, but are forced to withdraw; (April) Radical Pro-Earth group, Homeguard, attacks and disfigures Minbari poet, Sha'al Mayan; (June) Warmaster Jha'Dur is found still alive. She offers an immortality serum to the galaxy, and is killed by a Vorlon warship; (August 3) Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari "wins" the services of the Shadows. Centauri recover the Eye; (August) Humans allowed to participate in the Mutai; Epsilon 3 revealed to be a storehouse of a dead civilization's technology; (December 31) Narn military base at Quadrant 37 destroyed by the Shadows at Londo's request.

(October) Unsuccessful Mars Rebellion led by Free Mars; (November) Babylon 4 reappears briefly to allow her crew to evacuate before disappearing again


2259 C.E.

(January 9) The reason the Minbari surrendered revealed to the Babylon 5 command staff. Renegade Minbari warship Trigati destroyed; (January 19) Narns discover that the Shadows are awake; (January 29) Human Technomages leave for the other side of the Rim to avoid a "Great Storm." First time Drazi "leadership war" becomes lethal; (February 29) Shadow Warrior discovered heading for Z'ha'dum; (April) Narn controlled Quadrant 14 wiped out by the Shadows at Londo Mollari's request. Centauri Emperor Turhan dies. Radical faction, led by Lord Refa, vies for power seat. Prime Minister murdered. Puppet Emperor Cartagia installed on the Centauri throne. Narn declares war on the Centauri; (May) Sh'lassen Triumvirate's Civil War ended with Earth Alliance support in Operation Sudden Death; (June) Streib invasion plans deterred by Earth Alliance warship Agamemnon . Grey Council replaces Delenn with Neroon, a member of the Warrior Caste. The Council is now unbalanced with four warrior caste members. Lumati agree to an alliance with Earth; (September) Markab civilization extinct due to New Drafa Plague; (October) The Narn, in a desperate attempt to turn the war in their favor, attack the Centauri supply depot at Gorash. Their entire fleet is destroyed; (October) The Centauri conquer the Narn; (October) The Tuchanq overthrow their Narn oppressors. Their ecology in ruins, they applied for aid on Babylon 5. They eventually accepted help from the Centauri and became another "protectorate" of their growing Empire; The Centauri expand their war to include the Drazi and pak'ma'ra; (December 27) Humans sign Non-Agression Treaty with the Centauri; "Being of Light" appears on Babylon 5

(January 1) Earth Alliance President Louis Santiago assassinated by Vice President Clark; (March 7) A dark faction within Psi Corps, cripples Mars' only non-violent chance for independance by killing Taro Isogi, head of FutureCorp.

(January 1) Minbari ambassador, and Grey Council member, Delenn begins transforming herself into a “Humbari.”

2260 C.E.

Ranger base on the Drazi planet Zagros VII is evacuated before a Shadow invasion with the help of the White Star; (January 8) Babylon 5 War Council established; Alien Berserker probe attempts to destroy Babylon 5; (January) Missionaries of various religions arrive on Babylon 5 to spiritually appreciate the appearance of the "Being of Light."; (January 17) Mad Bomber Robert J. Carlson strikes Babylon 5 after a similar bomb spree on Proxima III; (July 24) Shadows begin attacking openly; (August 4) Vorlons engage a Shadow Fleet; and destroy it; (November) The Army of Light successfully ambushes a Shadow force, killing two battlecruisers and forcing three to retreat.

(February 15) Intercepted transmission released indicating Earth Alliance President Clark's complicity in the assassination of former President Santiago;  Medical records relating to Clark's good health prior to his leavetaking of Earth Force One is released; (April 9) Martial Law declared on Earth : Amid riots and civilian discontent, the Earth Senate is dissolved by executive order. The Elite Guard surrounds the Senate building and opens fire. "Renegade" General Hague attacked by Earth Force cruisers, and escapes;  (April 12) The Mars Colony is bombed by presidential order for its refusal to implement martial law. Babylon 5 declares independence. from the Earth Alliance along with Orion VII and Proxima III;  (April 14) Babylon 5 declares independence from the Earth Alliance. An invasion force sent by President Clark to take direct control of the station is repelled.

(August 5) Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Neranek is assassinated by the Shadows in retaliation for the Vorlons’ Aug. 4 attack; (August 13) Entil'zha Sinclair travels to the past to become Valen, leader of the Minbari one thousand years in the past; (December 21) John Sheridan dies on Z’ha’dum.


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