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Proxima III

Type: Terrestrial Industrial Colony

Position: Proxima Centauri (13.69 ly from Earth)

Moons: None

Atmosphere: mostly carbon dioxide in addition  to small amounts of nitrogen, argon, and oxygen.

Hydrosphere:  None

Gravity: 1.2 Standard

 Proxima III carries the distinction of being Earth's first outsystem colony. Established in 2164 in the Proxima Centauri system (renamed Proxima to avoid any confusion with the Centauri), Proxima III is a leading industrial center. Most of Earth's major interstellar corporations house their main offices on Proxima; a profitable decision because of the colony's clear orbital trajectories.

 Along with Orion VII, Proxima III had the resources to repell Clark's loyalist forces in 2260 and is now independent of the Earth Alliance. Following Clark’s defeat, Proxima III rejoined Earth Alliance.


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