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Type: Dome Colony World

Position: Sol System

Local Star Type: G2 - yellow

Moons:  2

Atmosphere: Terraforming efforts continue to thicken the atmosphere and increase the oxygen content.

Hydrosphere: Underground permafrost and at poles.


Gravity: .377 Standard

Capital City: Olympus Mons

The first colony ship arrived in Mars orbit in the spring of 2090. While a great achievement for the human race, many nations on Earth felt that resources spent on the  Syria Planum Colony would be better spent on other projects at home (a feeling that would continue for another 170 years).  The most devastating expression of this sentiment came on February 16, 2099 when a series of explosions wracked the colony dome.  500 colonists died in the initail explosion and another 700 died before relief ships could arrive from Earth and the Armstrong Colony. Colonizations efforts were redoubled and in June 2105 a second, permanent, Mars colony was established at Olympus Mons.

Following the Earth-Minbari War, relations with Earth and the Alliance became very strained.  The massive Earthforce rebuilding program forced MarsGov to inplement food rationing as transport space was needed for rawmat and construction equipment. In 2253, rioting broke out forcing the Senate to call in troops and install a provisional government (replacing the Mars-elected government).  In 2258 separatist sentiment reached an all time high as Mars openly rebelled against Earth rule. For four days fighting between Mars freedom fighters (mainly affiliated with Free Mars) and Earthforce troops) cost hundreds of lives and millions of credits in damage.  Fighting ended when President Santiago, with authorization from the Senate, called in shock troops.

Despite a crackdown on Free Mars and other separatist groups on Mars, the Mars Rebellion only galvanized their resolve.  With the installation of the Clark Regime in 2259 and the implementation of martial law in 2260, many diverse freedom groups banded together.  Leading the Mars Resistance was a woman known only as Number One. The Resistance provided Captain Sheridan support in return for his promise to free Mars from Earth rule, should he win against Clark. Following the defeat of Clark’s forces, Mars was formally declared independent of the Earth Alliance by the Earth Senate.

There are four main cities on Mars: Olympus Mons, Syria Planum, Solis Planum and Xanthe Terra.


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