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Trappist Order

"The Bible says that even the smallest sparrow does not fall without God's seeing it. But then all these races, on far away worlds, would He abandon them? Or reveal himself to them in some other way? God goes by many names. Perhaps some are alien sounding, different faces in history, but all describing the same Creator. We've come here to learn all those names in the hopes of better understanding the One who is behind them." - Brother Theodorus, 2260

 In 1098, the Cistercian order of monks was formed by St. Robert of Molesme.  It was a very strict order that followed the rules of monasticism set down by Saint Benedict. Its purpose was to establish an austere way of life focused on the development of the primitive spirit.  Life in the secluded Cistercian monasteries was one of silence.  Everything centered on liturgy and prayer.  Monastery buildings, including churches and chapels, were undecorated, and sacred objects were unadorned. Despite the rigorous structure on this life, by the 1200ís there were 680 Cistercian abbeys throughout Eupore. Interest and membership declined in the fourteenth century until the formation of the reformed Cistercian Order, popularly known as the Trappists.

In 1664, the Cistercian monks of the La Trappe Monastery in France were reformed by the Abbe de Rance. Among the reforms was the removal of the vow of silence.  Further, the monastery sustained itself solely through the efforts of its monks. By 1892, the Trappists and several other reformed Cistercians were absorbed into the Cistercians of Strict Observance and united under a single Abbot General.  While the name Trappist is still used to identify this Order, they are formally called the Reformed Cistercians.

Recently, a group of Trappists, led by Brother Theodorus Ankises, have left their home in New Mallory, Earth, and obtained permanent resident status on Babylon 5. They are there to learn and to teach and to discover all the names of the One behind creation. With the high level of alien traffic going through Babylon 5, they feel they can accomplish their task in four to five decades whereas travelling from world to world would take centuries. In return for being allowed residence on the station they have offered their services - the members of this group are highly sought after experts in computer research, bio-genetics, physics, chemisty, engineering, and other advanced educational areas. One of their members was a mindwipe who went under the name of Brother Edward. Killed by his previous personality's victims, he was replaced by the ringleader of his tormentors (after a mindwipe).


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