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White Star-class Medium Cruiser

Model: (Minbari-Vorlon hybrid) Valen’s Eye Manufacturing Point White Star-class Medium Cruiser

Drive System: Stalasha Gravimetric Engine

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Crew: 50 (Can be manned by one person if necessary)

Armament: The White Star’s armaments are affixed in three weapons banks (fore, port, and starboard).

 Built without the knowledge of the Minbari warrior caste, this gunboat is a combination of Minbari and Vorlon technologies. While most of the vessel is strictly Minbari technology, the vessel's inner and outer structure is composed of an adaptive organo-metallic substance with self-repair capabilities. This "skin" learns from experience and once a form of damage is encountered, the skin alters itself to better deflect that  type of damage. Despite its size, a Whitestar's power output is tremendous, allowing the medium vessel to form jumppoints. However, once the engines are taken off-line, it takes twenty standard minutes to rebuild the charge needed to activate them again. An advanced holographic display system can show scanner data as crystal clear images. An additional holo-tactical/communications display is set into the floor.

 Known Minbari-Vorlon Gunboats (Note: White Star vessels are not given names, but numbers):

  • White Star Prime The White Star was the first of a new breed of Minbari warships. This ship (and all others made after) was named in honor of the Black Star , former flagship of the Minbari fleet, a somewhat ironic happenstance since the White Star 's main commander was Captain John "Starkiller" Sheridan who destroyed the Black Star during the Earth-Minbari War. His appointment to this vessel was given to him by Delenn in the hopes than an unpredicatable human would have more options in battle than a regimented Minbari Shi Alyt. Only a few members of the Grey Council were aware of the White Star 's existence before the Council was broken in April, 2260.

 In service far before its completion and testing, the White Star accomplished what was thought to be impossible. Under the command of Captain Sheridan, two Shadow Battlecruisers had been outmaneuvered and killed. After it was discovered that a telepath can "stun" a battlecruiser, the White Star found itself on more equal footing as it barely had enough firepower to directly destroy one. The White Star is also the first ship on record to accomplish an atmospheric jump to hyperspace . White Star Prime was detroyed on a suicide run into the Shadow’s Capital City on Z’ha’dum.


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