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Army of Light

 With the outbreak of the Shadow War in 2260, world after world was burned by the Shadows' "evolutionary" onslaught. Divided, the individual alien races had no hope of overcoming the elder race. Only together could they survive. A tenuous alliance was formed after the Battle at Brakiri Space when a Vorlon fleet massacred the attacking Shadows. While the show of firepower bonded the fractious nations together, the cost was the life of Ambassador Kosh. Under the leadership of the War Council, the Army of Light fought back against the Shadows by exploiting the one weakness of their ships: sensitivity to telepathic interference.  After one costly victory against the Shadows, the Army of Light eventually defeated both the Vorlons and the Shadows at Coriana 6.

The War Council

"A lack of information can kill you." - Captain John Sheridan, 2260 C.E.

Leading the Army of light was the War Council.  The Babylon 5 War Council was assembled in January 8, 2260, by Captain John Sheridan to combat the Shadows. Following the declaration of martial law on Earth (April 9, 2260) and the dissolution of the Earth Alliance Senate, Babylon 5 seceeded from EarthGov.  By persuading alien governments to sign a Mutual Defense Treaty, the command staff insured that the station would remain secure from attacks by EarthForce. In accordance with the treaty, alien governments provided warships in exchange for the station's services. In addition to governing Babylon 5, the War Council formed the core of the Army of Light.

The War Councilís membership was composed of: Captain John Sheridan, Commander Susan Ivanova, Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, Chief Medical Officer Stephen Franklin, Minbari Ambassador Delenn, Narn Citizen G'Kar and Ranger Marcus Cole. All members are allowed to speak freely, and are encouraged to do so.


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