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Human Cyborgs | Minbari Prosthetics | Streib Feral Motivator | Vicar Implants | Zener Psi-Interface

Human Cyborgs

Human experimentation with cyberorganics had reached a plateau before they made contact with the Centauri and the other races. Research seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough in human/computer interface technology. Unfortunately, in the late 2230's the Earth Force grants played out to no success. Project: Lazarus was picked up some time later by a secret government organization. Their group met with success. The application of telepathic therapy was the key element to Lazarus' success. During the operation, the organic brain is hardwired to a computer intelligence which takes over the body's autonomic systems. Soon after the operations, the computer takes complete control of the body. While such agents are very useful in the field, their effectiveness can be limited by those knowing that their internal power plant emits eronium radiation.

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Minbari Prosthetics

Minbari technology can replicate lost limbs to near perfection. Minbari prosthetics are virtually indistinguishable from a real limb, unless a scan is performed. Some members of radical warrior clans choose to have their organic limbs removed and replaced with enhanced artificial limbs. Most such cases have their bionic limb "wired" -- a suicide bomb implant that can be activated by twisting the prosthetic's casing, certain movements, etc.

Streib Feral Motivator

 As part of their scouting program, the Streib developed a simple neural stimulator that can be applied to most species they encounter. This semi-organic device is attached to the aggression center(s) of the brain. In addition to tapping into a being's primal rage, conscious thought is mostly blocked out -- turning the subject into a conscience-less killing machine.

Vicar Implants

Vicar humanoids are beings that have undergone significant modifications to their brain and sensory receptors. These modifications allow them to record visual and audio stimuli, bio-rythms, brain wave patterns, etc. A dataport implant allows them to record directly to datacrystal. Some vain Vicars have their brains enclosed in a clear dome.

Zener Psi-Interface

 Unlike the Streib, the Zener have achieved a high degree of technical proficiency in biological implantation. As a servitor race of the Shadows, the Zener utilize their expertise by preparing subjects to merge with Shadow Battlecruisers. These cyberweb implants are placed near the frontal lobes of the subject and are thoroughly integrated with the

subject's wetware. The interface allows the subject to merge easily with mechanical and biomechanical machines. Most disturbing is that the interface also carries a limited artificial intelligence that "whispers" to the subject and can take temporary control over the being it is linked to.


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