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PHYSIOLOGY:  A near-human alien with extensive cybernetic implants. Vicars are essentially living sensory recorders.

PSYCHOLOGY:  They seem a little offbeat, which  is probably due to the implants.

HISTORY: The Vicar Homeworld was destroyed by the Shadow Death Cloud during the Shadow War. Very few Vicars exist in the galaxy today.

GOVERNMENT:  It is quite possible that the Vicars were a servant "race" of the  Vorlons.

NOTES:  The name "vicar" is a slang term derived from an old earth device named a "VCR," which recorded low quality video images.

 One Vicar of note, Abbut, had been in the employ of the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Neranek many times. He claims to have a psi rating of P23 (untrue) and enjoys Jovian Sunspots.

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