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Taan Churok

Species: Drazi

Sex:  Hermaphrodite

Homeworld: Zhaban

Profession: Proprietor of the Dark Star Club on Babylon 5

[Taan Churok]

It is rumored that Taan was a Sho-Rin of the Mutai in its younger days. Following Tann’s final match he bought the Dark Star, a barely legal entertainment bar where the more “excitable elements” of the station gathered.  More than one fight was settled just by Taan getting out from behind the bar. Open around the clock, the Dark Star is still one of the most popular bars on the station.

When the Centauri began attacking the Freehold (2259-2260) Taan returned home to Zhaban to join in the defense of Drazi territory.  Ock, the Brakiri manager of the Dark Star, became the owner after Taan’s death.

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