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 Mutai is an alien term meaning Trial of Blood." The Mutai is a no-holds-barred fighting match taking place in a ring called the Sands of Blood. Only the bravest of a particular race may participate -- as combat usually leaves the loser crippled or dead. The Mutai dates back to the Yolu tradition of settling differences without war. The object of the match is to take one's opponent down. There are no rounds, rules, or gloves. Each year, hundreds of fighters vie for the title of Sho-Rin (translated loosely as "bravest of the brave"), or Champion of the Mutai.

 A participant in the Mutai is called a mutari. A Ka-Tow is the mutari's second, or assistant. Mutari must show respect for the Mutai at all times. The referee of the Mutai is called the Muta-Do, or The Sayer. The most prestigious Muta-Do is Soon-Tek Oh, a 90 year old former mutari who has fought in over a thousand Mutai. Soon-Tek has the recent distinction of allowing Humans to participate in the Mutai (2258 C.E.).

 The Sho'Rin of 2258 was Gyor, until the human Walker Smith scored a points victory over the alien and won humans the right to enter the Mutai. Other past champions include a Drazi named Taan Churok and another Drazi named Lu'Kor, who was beaten by Gyor in 2258.

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