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 CULTURE: In Brakiri culture the comet is a potent symbol of death.  One of the gravest threats one can make is to call on a comet in the presence of a Brakiri. The threat not only denotes your intention to kill the target, but also the immediate family and water-clan of the individual.

 HISTORY: Like many other small powers, the Brakiri made an "alliance" with the Shadows, hoping that the alien race would support them in their conquest of their neighbors in 2260. Unfortunately for the Brakiri, that alliance only served the Shadows' desire to destabilize the region. The Brakiri soon joined the Army of Light when the Shadows began to attack them mercilessly.


GOVERNMENT: The Brakiri were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and are currently members of the InterStellar Alliance.

 HOMEWORLD: Brakos; located near Gaim Sovereign Space and four other worlds.

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