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Starship Weaponry

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Antimatter Cannon

 The Antimatter Cannon is a devastating short range weapon.  Usually placed in a phased array, the weapon has a wide area of effect, that effectively "rains" antimatter on attacking vessels.

Battle Laser

 Compared to the Heavy Laser , the Battle Laser is less powerful, yet its recharge time is shorter.


 A weak, obselete starfighter weapon (rated at 15 Megawatts output) that is considered a forerunner of currentstarfury pulse weapons.

Electro-Pulse Gun

 This weapon fires a focused electro-magnetic pulse intended to disable small to medium sized craft. Ships with adequately shielded electronics are unaffected by this weapon. Due to the nature of this wepon, it has an extremely short range and uses large amounts of power.

Energy Mine

 One of the few Narn-created weapons, the Energy Mine is designed to eliminate incoming fighters and ships before they can engage. Stasis fields within the mine keep protons and anti-protons separate. Before launching, the stasis fields are timed to degrade at a predetermined distance. When the fields degrade completely the resultant explosion covers a large area. Unfortunately, this weapon has a high rate of misfiring.

Fusion Cannon

 Considered a light capital ship armament by the Minbari, the Fusion Cannon is still more powerful and accurate than other races' light arms. Since their power requirements are quite low, Minbari ships are usually bristling with these cannons.

Heavy Laser Cannon

 The primary heavy weapon of Earthforce and the Narn Regime, the heavy laser can rake through several systems or do heavy damage to a single system. The Narn acquired this weapon from the Centauri (see Battle Laser ), but modified it to inflict more damage at the cost of an extended recharge time. The Narn sold plans for their G'Nath Heavy Laser Cannon to Earth during the Earth-Minbari War.

Heavy Plasma Cannon

 A scaled down Narnish version of the Centauri Plasma Accelerator, the Heavy Plasma Cannon can burn through almost anything it hits, allowing it to eat through armor plating. As with other plasma weapons, its effective range is shorter than beam-based weapons and has extreme difficulty targeting small ships.

Heavy Pulse Cannon

 Named for the rapid series of pulse bursts, the Heavy Pulse Cannon is more accurate, but less damaging, than laser weapons. A single salvo is approximately five pulses.

Hyperwave Disruptor

 A projectile that renders jumppoints unstable and forces them to collapse.


 Earth Force is the only race to employ dedicated Interceptors. Highly advanced tracking systems and rapid rate of fire allow these defenses to deflect almost all incoming fire. While the initial efficiency rating is almost 100%, continuous use degrades its effectiveness. An additional component of the Interceptor is the generation of an energy web which, in connection with other Interceptor installations, surrounds the ship in a protective shell. Should the captain decide, Interceptors can also be placed in an offensive mode. When in this mode, Interceptors are dedicated fighter and shuttle defenders. Interceptors excel at damaging small-scale craft at close range since they travel much slower than weapons fire.

Light Fusion Cannon

 A small capital-scale weapon that is usually attached to fighters and shuttles.

Light Pulse Cannon

 The weakest capital-scale weapon, the Light Pulse Cannon is used for anti-starfighter duty.

Light Slicer Cannon

 A low-powered version of the devastating Slicer Beam . Typically installed on non-combat ships, the Light Slicer Beam is still lethal to most capital starships in the Known Galaxy.

Medium Neutron Cannon

 Developed with the aid of the Vorlons, this currently only used in the Anla Shok's White Star fleet. The Medium Neutron Cannon serves as the primary weapon in a White Star's fore weapons array. For a ship of its size, the power output of this weapon is surprisingly high. Tests have shown that the Medium Neutron Cannon can destroy a Shadow Battlecruiser if all available power on a White Star is routed to the Cannon.

Medium Plasma Cannon

 A lower-powered version of the Heavy Plasma Cannon. As with most plasma weapons, it is highly effective at close range but accuracy and strength decrease significant;y as it travels. Plasma fire is slow compared to beam weponry and can be avoided to small craft. A variant of the Medium Plasma Cannon is used on the Nova-Class Dreadnought . The Dreadnought's dual cannon configuration allows the ship to maintain a rapid rate of fire as one barrel recharges and cools, the other fires.

Medium Pulse Cannon

 Typically know as a "pulse cannon," this is a medium-strength version of capital scale pulse technology. Some Earth Force vessels carry a variation known as a Dual Pulse Cannon. This weapon has two barrels per single unit allowing a ship to increase the Pulse Cannon's sluggish firing rate by allowing on gun to recharge and cool while the other fires.

Neutron Bolter

 A low-powered weapon by Shadow standards, this weapon is primarily mounted (or more accurately grown) on fighters and shuttles.

Neutron Cannon

 This is the primary weapon of the Minbari Fleet. It is an extremely devastating weapon (rated at 350 Terrawatts) -- in addition to high power output, the Neutron Cannon as a highly accurate fire control system that allows it to target capital ships and fighter with equal accuracy.

Particle Beam

 A starfighter-scale weapon that is usually attached to medium and heavy fighters.

Particle Cannon

 A starfighter-scale weapon (usually attached to heavy fighters) based upon similar Centauri weapons.

Plasma Accelerator

 Much more powerful than the Heavy Plasma , the Plasma Accelerator still suffers from the problems of other plasma weapons in that its effective range is shorter than beam-based weapons and has extreme difficulty targeting small ships.

Plasma Net

 A variation on gravimetric technology, the plasma net (essentially a type of tractor beam) increases the attraction between the firing ship and the target. Use of the tractor beam is power-intensive and only has a short-range.

Pulse Discharge Cannon

 Most common armament of the standard Aurora -class Starfury that is rated at 20 Megawatts. Currently, the Copeland JC466/A is obselete compared to the gatling-style pulse cannon used by the newer Thunderbolt-class starfuries.This Rapid Burst cannon contains four pulse cannons arranged gatling style giving a massive increase in firing rates (compared to the guns of a SA-23E) and giving each gun time to cool and recharge.

Standard Particle Beam

 Primarily an anti-starfighter weapon, the particle beam has a shorter range and less power than other captial-scale weaponry. Its nearest equivalent among other races would be the Centauri twin particle array , though the Standard Particle Array has a much longer recharge time.

Slicer Beam

 Considered by many to be the pinnacle of beam weapon technology, the slicer beam is capable of projecting astronomical amounts of concentrated energy, undiffused and with high precision to targets dozens of clicks away.

Twin Particle Array

 Basically two particle beams in a single unit. It maintains a rapid rate of fire by alternating fire between the two guns. The array is used primarily to defend against fighters and small craft due to its short firing range.

Twin Particle Beam

 A starfighter-scale particle weapon usually fire-linked.

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