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" Electrogravitics might be described as a synthesis of electrostatic energy used for  propulsion - either vertical propulsion or horizontal or both - and gravitics, or dynamic  counterbary, in which energy is also used to set up a local gravitational force independent of the earth's." - "Electrogravitics Systems," USAF, 1956

Despite early attemps at harnessing gravity in propelling starships, human technology still made the practical application of magneto-gravitic priciples impossible. Until it gained membership in the Interstellar Alliance, whereupon it was given gravitic technology by the Minbari. The first major application of this technology was introduced into Earthforce’s  new Warlock-class destroyers.

Gravimetric drives do not eject propellant to move a vessel, but instead manipulates gravitational attraction to draw or repel a ship in a given direction. One of the side effects of a gravimetric drive is the creation of an artifical gravity field, allowing the crew to operate in a gravity positive environment. (A significant advantage, especially on long tours of duty).


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