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 PHYSIOLOGY: Short, willowy and grey-skinned.

 PSYCHOLOGY: Vree are known for their unique brand of humor.

CULTURE: Vree eating habits are considered disgusting to some races.

HISTORY: In the 1950ís the Vree began in earnest their suvey of the planet Earth.  They were astounded by how the primitives responded to a rather uneventful planetary survey. The Vree participated in the Dilgar War in the 2230's.


GOVERNMENT:  The Ventuki Conglomerate. The Vree were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. When the League became defunct in 2260, the Vree joined the InterStellar Alliance.

HOMEWORLD: Vreetan (AC+ 121800-213). The Vree Homeworld orbits a class M5 (Red) star



NOTES: Some Vree are Technomages.

IRL: Notes on the Entries


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