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"No one leaves there the same as they arrived."

Type: Terrestrial Homeworld/Asteriod Field

Position: the Outer Rim (Alpha Omega system: of which Z'ha'dum was designated Alpha Omega 3)

Moons: 1

Atmosphere: Oxygen/Carbon Monoxide; Z'ha'dum's dry atmosphere carried trace radioactivity from the end of the Great War of the 1260's.

Temperature: Daytime average temperature: 50 degrees F

Gravity: 1.3 Standard

 Z'ha'dum was the homeworld of the Shadows. Extensive mountain ranges composed of igneous rock stood over sediment covered plains. Weather patterns were violent, with dust storms covering 1/4 of the planet's surface at any given time. Shadow structures covered 30% of the planets surface, though most habitations were below ground. Human scans were not able to pick up and life readings above a microscopic level.

 The surface is desolate, with raging dust storms lashing the rocky surface. Stone obelisks covered in Shadow Runes pierce the land. Roughly translated, they say "Every light carries a shadow." The obelisks made of native sedimentary rock. range from 100 to 150 yards high they are spaced at a constant 2.43 miles apart and are spread over large parts of the planet. Structures on the surface, however, made of similar materials did not survive. appear to be concentrated in areas near cave entrances where Shadows dwell.


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