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Diseases and Maladies

Banta Flu | Drafa | Lake's Syndrome | Netter's Syndrome | Stafford's Disease

Banta Flu - A contagious disease normally contracted when a human eats fermented human food that has been mixed with alien food. Symptoms of Banta Flu are only visible when the infected person becomes contagious.

Drafa - The new Drafa Plague neurovirus specifically neutralizes chemicals in the synaptic gap. By neutralizing the these chemicals, the brain cannot send messages to other parts of the body. Thus, the body dies when lungs are not ordered to breathe or the heart is not ordered to pump. Symptoms of infection include chronic dizziness, acute sore throat, and swelling lymph and surface glands and low blood pressure. The incubation period lasts from a few days to a week.

 This disease specifically attacks those races that use specialized cells to manufacture the chemicals used in neural relays. In Markab physiology, the yellow cells perform this function. In pak'ma'ra physiology, it is the green cells. Although the plague was incapable of harming species without these specialized cells, there is always a possibility that Drafa could mutate and affect those species.

 The only known cure for this disease is a series of injections that artificially stimulate the produciton of yellow/green cells. These injections give rise to newer and stronger cells that are capable of fighting the Drafa Plague.

Lake's Syndrome - A fatal human disease with no known cure. It is extremely painful. Symptoms include blurred vision, arthritis, burning intestines, and inflamed veins.

Netter's Syndrome - A fictional fatal Minbari disease with no known cure. It is highly contagious and is spread through physical contact.

Stafford's Disease - A fatal disease for many species. The most infamous outbreak was during the Dilgar War when Warmaster Jha'Dur infected the entire planet of Lardec 4 to see how long it would take the inhabitants to die.

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