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"I am where I am, and it is what it is."

Species:  Human

Sex:  Female

Homeworld: Earth

Date of Birth:  March 21, 2232

Profession:  Singer/Songwriter

Cailyn - Live at Hyundai Center

 Singing had always been her life. The power to move her audience with her voice had always been a gift and she cherished it. Her career began early and quickly moved up from there. After her first data crystal went diamond in 2256, she chose to go on tour of several colonies: Mars, Proxima, Disneyplanet, Orion, with a final stop at Babylon 5. Her return to Earth was to be the launching point of a mega-career: a concert at the prestigious Hyundai Center in Tokyo. Alll though the trip she wasn't feeling well, but like a professional she bore it well when on stage until she played the Arena on Babylon 5. Partway through the show she collapsed onstage. She was rushed to Medlab One where Doctor Benjamin Kyle promounced she had terminal neural paralysis.

 She never returned home, instead she disappeared into Downbelow. Her disappearance made the trades, and was eventually forgotten. Metazine was not cheap, and she returned to singing to pay her bills. The bars and clubs she played brought little fame and even less money, yet the intimacy of the small stage fulfilled her more than a 100,000 seat stadium. She found she could touch people on the edge of despair, and for just a time bring hope to their eyes.

 The year the doctors told her she had stretched on to four, but with money getting tighter and her disease advancing she took to heavy drinking to dull the constant pain. Then she met Steve Franklin. Everthing just clicked with him, though his soul was in a sorry state. Cailyn had a theory that light passes through our bodies which then refracts our soul, mind and body like a rainbow. If one looks hard enough, and at the right angle through a glass one can see through to someone's soul.

 With Steve's love and help, the rest of Cailyn's life was much brighter.

 [Played by Erica Gimpel]

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