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Orion VII

Type: Damp Terrestrial Colony World

Position: (Ross 614 B) 5 standard hyperspace hours from Babylon 5, 13.4 ly from Earth.

Local Star Type: M4 - red

Atmosphere:  Oxygen/Nitrogen

Gravity:  Standard

Population: 3 million (*est.)

 Founded in 2178, Orion VII is one of the newer Earth Colonies. Orion VII borders Centauri space and serves as a key trading post between the Alliance and the Centauri Republic. After relations with the Minbari were established after the Earth-Minbari War, Orion VII served as a "neutral" diplomatic station between the Alliance and Federation. Upon the completion of Babylon 5, Orion's importance in this capacity faded. Orion VII is home to several colony sites. Orion VII is fairly self-sufficient and is home to several manufacturing plants. The proximity of not one, but two mining colonies (located on Orion III and IV) makes the Orion system one of the most prosperous human Colony worlds next to Proxima III. Several spoo ranches are located here as well.

 Indigenous lifeforms, like the Slitch, are currently threatened by unchecked growth of Earth transplant animals. Wild dogs are the primary threat to Orion's ecosystem. Archeaological evidence suggests that Orion VII was once used to some extent as a "game preserve." Alien hunters brought the flamebirds to extinction.

 In 2251, Earth Colony Three was terrorized by the Black Rose Killer. Nine women died before he was convicted in April of that year.

 On April 12, 2260, Orion VII seceeded from Earth Alliance in protest of President Clark's bombing of the Mars Colonies. With support from Earth Force defectors and the Belt Alliance, the Orion system was able to repell Clark's loyalist forces. After Clark’s defeat, Orion VII rejoined the Earth Alliance.


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