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Anla-shok (Rangers)

"I am a Ranger. We live for the One, we die for the One. We go to the dark places where no one else dares venture! We stand on the bridge and no one passes. Entilízha Veni!" - Ranger Motto

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 The Anla-shok (meaning "the application of force") have a thousand year history. Shortly after Valen appeared to the Minbari, some within the warrior caste were organized into an elite corps to combat the Shadows. Since that time, the Rangers (as they are called in Standard English) dwindled in number until 2258 C.E. when the Shadows were discovered to be on the move again. The group was revitalized by Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair shortly after he opened the first Earth embassy on Minbar. Aiding the Rangers are the Vorlons and certain  sympathizer states.

Entil'zha Sinclair
The Temple of Valen at Ranger Headquarters, Tuzanor, Minbar

 Prior to Sinclair's taking command, Ranger movement was confined to Minbar and loosely organized. Once Jeffrey Sinclair was declared Anla'shok Na (Ranger One) and then Entil'Zha (leader of the Rangers but the meaning of the title is unknown), the Rangers were directed to patrol the frontier, gather information, and act as couriers of sensitive and vital information. Membership increased dramatically. Realizing that the warrior caste  was unwilling to commit to the coming Great War, humans were  allowed to join this group. While

membership is not gender exclusive, it is species exclusive (humans and Minbari only). Training bases were established. Their main base is located on Minbar, however, not all Minbari are comfortable with the aims and fraternity of the Rangers. To ensure continued support by the Minbari-at-large and the safety of the organization, additional bases were established on other worlds whose governments are sympathetic to the Cause. One such base was located in Drazi space on the planet Zagros VII. It was financially supported by the Minbari. That base has since been abandoned; its personnel evacuated before the Shadows could capture it in January, 2260.

 Following the decimation of the Narn by the Centauri in October, 2259, Captain John Sheridan gained co-control of the Babylon 5 division of Rangers with Minbari Ambassador Delenn. By March 2260, all Rangers were ordered to withdraw from Earth Alliance space and were placed on a heightened state of alert. After Sinclair's departure in August, 2260, the Rangers needed another leader.

 While former Grey Councilman Rathenn was a good choice for Entil'Zha (he was assistant to Sinclair throughout the reactivation and training of the Rangers), it was felt that Delenn would be a better choice. She accepted, despite objections from the Warrior Caste headed by Neroon. Neroon felt that this was another part of her bid for power; with the Grey Council disbanded, he felt she vied for military power to counter the warrior caste. While no Minbari has killed another for a thousand years, for the good of his people Neroon would break the law. Ranger Marcus Cole, upon the bidding of Lennier, stalled Neroon's strike by calling upon Den'Sha, the fight to the death. Neroon was the better fighter, but in the end, the fight was to the death: Neroon's. A mere human was willing to die in for a cause, for Delenn, and called upon Valen's name, where Neroon's aim was to strike one of his own kind down. For a human to be more minbari than he at that moment brought a revelation and a new respect. Marcus wasritically wounded, but was soon healed in the Babylon 5 Medlab. Delenn was installed as the new Entil'Zha without incident.


Rangers, whether human or Minbari, are taught the same. Humans require more training since they must also learn the Minbari way of doing things. They are taught delight, respect, and compassion. They learn that for one's actions to be pure they must proceed from direction, determination, patience and strength. Rangers are taught how to live, breathe, fight, die and taught how to face and use terror.

 Martial training includes learning the art Denn'na, or pike fighting. F'hursna Sech Durhan, a legend with the Minbari Fighting Pike, teaches only those students he deems worthy. Those who pass his high standards are awarded their own pike.


 The uniform of a Ranger is very similar to that of the Minbari warrior caste; A design to reflect that Minbari and Humans are working together. The centerpoint of the outfit is a pin. A stylized Human and Minbari frame an aqua-blue gemstone. The figures blend in the middle to signify the two halves of their souls joined to battle a common enemy. The figures are worked into the same  metal and hold the gemstone. The jewel is called Isil'Zha; meaning  the future, birth, beginnings, and

dawn of a new age. It is forged in white hot flame. The pin is then cooled in three bowls: First in ancient holy water, next in Minbari blood, and lastly in Human blood. It is said that when a ranger dies the two figures each shed three tears; one of water, two of blood.


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