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The Last Great War:

A New Hope

November22 60 C.E.

 With the capture of the "wepons components" convoy, the Army of Light made a terrific discovery (thanks to Garibaldi) concerning the Shadow's main weakness. Telepaths might be able to disrupt the connection between the Shadow vessel and its Core. Captain Sheridan enlisted the aid of Lyta Alexander to test his theory.

 Sheridan had hoped to minimize losses by taking only  one ship staffed by a skeleton crew. The plan was to take White Star Prime into hyperspace and wait for a Shadow attack to occur. It was hoped that Lyta would be able to disrupt the link between the core and the vessel and that the White Star would have the firepower to damage a battlecruiser. Should the White Star's weapons be ineffective, escort vessels were asked for -- only the Minbari provided aid: a single War Cruiser and three additional telepaths. The telepaths were added over Sheridan's objection.

 Sector 90x110x47 was chosen as the launch point for the attack. Within the last week this area of Drazi space was attacked three times in one standard week. The White Star and the War Cruiser waited in hyperspace until news of an attack came.

 A small contingent of Sunhawks were putting up pitiful resistance to the onslaught of a single Shadow battlecruiser. The White Star arrived in time to see the last Drazi ship destroyed. Lyta's initial contact with the ship was terrifying. As she lie cringing on the deck the Shadow ship closed for another easy kill. Captain Sheridan shook her trying to break her hysteria. The brief physical contact caused her to see Vorlon Ambassador Kosh's death and who carried it out. Her pent up fury at the murder of her mentor served as a focus for her mind. The Shadow vessel stopped dead under her mental grip. The jump engines were taken off-line to augment the weapon's power systems. The surge in destructive power killed the battlecruiser. Unfortunately, the dying battlecruiser managed to send a distress call before it was destroyed.

 Four battlecruiser phased in from hyperspace and bore down on the White Star. Unable to jump into hyperspace (the jump engine was still recharging), the White Star made a run for it. The Minbari War Cruiser emerged from hypserspace as well; its three telepaths managed to block three, the fourth still in pursuit of the White Star. Evasive maneuvers would last only so long, Lyta was drained from her prior encounter and weapons were only up to 60% effectiveness (not enough to scratch a battlecruiser). G'Kar arrived in command of a contingent of League World ships. GíKarís ship pinned the pursuing Shadow Battlecruiser and with the help of the White Star, killed it. Seeing a superior force, the remaining three Shadow Ships fled.

Shadow Vessel crumples under Narn firepower.

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