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Michael Alfredo Garibaldi

Species: Human

Sex:  Male

Homeworld: Earth

Date of Birth:  February 23, 2221

Profession:  Babylon 5 Security Chief (Serial Number: V17L98)/Private Investigator/Head of ISA Covert Intelligence

Religious Affiliation:  Agnostic


 2241: worked as a security officer in the ice-mining operations on Europa. Garibaldi is framed for negligence and blackballed through the entire system.

 2242-2244: worked at security posts on Orion 4, Fortune City, Zestus.

 2244-2247: enlisted as a GROPO during the Earth-Minbari War.

 2253: begins rebuilding an ancient Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 motorcycle.

 2255: operated a "no-questions asked" shuttle service on Mars. Met Sinclair. Together they discover the IPX dig uncovering a Shadow Battlecruiser and a secret Psi Corps facility. Later that year Garibaldi joins Mars Colony Security.

 2256: offered the post of Security Chief of Babylon 5 by long-time friend Sinclair.

 2260: November discovered the missing 17th level of Grey Sector that was under control of the Cult of the Universe. Killed a Zarg using a steam pipe and .38 caliber bullets.

2261: Captured by the Shadows, Garibaldi was taken to a Psi Corps facility for reprogramming. Acting as a mole for Bester, Garibaldi quit B5 Station Security to become a Private Investigator. Events led to his being hired by multi-billionaire William Edgars. To prove Garibaldi’s loyalty he had to betray Sheridan to Clark’s cronies, which he did. His loyalty proven, Edgars revealed his solution to the Clark/Psi Corps problem.  Edgar’s plot to infect all human telepaths with an engineered virus came to a halt when Bester called his hand -- Garibaldi.  Edgars was slaughtered, the virus taken by the Corps. As a reward, Bester gave Garibaldi his true personality back and the knowledge of what he had done.

2262: Garibaldi became head of the Interstellar Alliance’s Covert Intelligence division.

 [Played by Jerry Doyle]


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