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Lyta Alexander

Species: Human

Sex:  Female

Homeworld: Earth

Date of Birth:  December 10, 2225

Profession: Commercial Telepath/Vorlon Attaché


 Lyta Alexander entered Psi Corps as a young child, never knowing a family like the normals had. Given her family's six recorded generations of provable psionic powers, Psi Corps had high hopes for her. After rigorous testing she earned an approved rating of P5 (License Number N617CC860). Her assigned surrogate was a cold, bitter woman that often left Lyta to her own devices. Even though Lyta was a loner, such callousness on the part of her senior advisor countered the subtle Psi Corps propaganda surrounding her. Her internship with the Psi Cops Division was further proof that the Psi Corps is a cold place indeed. She chose to become a commercial telepath; while not close to governing power as the Psi Cops division, the commercial branch had its own rewards. She became a licensed commercial telepath on October 18, 2252 when she was 26 years of age. Her dedication, hard work, and spotless record led to her being awarded a position on the newly on-line station, Babylon 5, a place far, far from the Corps in 2256. While the stability of the station was in question, it had the potential of being a very lucrative marketplace for a P5 Commercial Telepath.

 On January 3, 2257, she arrived onstation. After a quick tour of the station with the former Commanding Officer of Babylon 5 Commander Sinclair, she settled in and made the proper advertising arrangements. A resident telepath was much in demand, more so to some than others. Within hours she was propositioned for her "genetic code" by Ambassador G'Kar of the Narn Regime. She turned down his offer of direct mating regardless of his "sensitivity" to her pleasure threshold.

When the Vorlon ambassador, Kosh Naranek arrived, he was poisoned. Lyta was called to Medlab to perform an unauthorized scan on the Vorlon in order to save his life, and to prevent an intergalactic incident; it was enough that Commander Sinclair was being extradited to Vorlon. What she touched on a mental plane, changed her forever.

 In that instant she saw God. Despite the alien shell, Lyta committed  herself into Kosh's service, no matter what may happen to herself. On a level beyond telepathy, or even lucid understanding, Lyta could tell that Kosh knew what was in her heart. In return he gave the loner a place to fit in. In essence, Lyta became Kosh's soldier.

 By February, she was recalled to Earth by order of the Psi Corps. They wanted to know what she knew about the Vorlon. Much to their dismay, after interrogations and deep scans, she had nothing to report. Or so she said... Somehow, she was able to hide her memories of Kosh deep in her mind; something she should not have been able to do. Only at night, with the interrogators far away, did she open up her mind to the memories, open to the Song of Kosh. That Song was the only thing keeping her sane those few months as a prisoner. She also began to feel a pull toward Vorlon Space, an area of the galaxy as infamous as the Bermuda Triangle on Earth.

 After two months of questioning, she escaped. Lyta jumped a shuttle to Mars and paid her way in the Underground using her telepathic talents. In addition to helping the remains of Free Mars, she was approached by the Rangers. Her chance to rejoin Kosh came when they needed a courier to deliver data obtained from the Corp's Syria Planum Facility to Babylon 5. The data referred to a sleeper agent within, or near, the command structure of Babylon 5. After exhausting hours of telepathically projecting the trigger password, the station's new resident telepath entered the room. Lyta triggered the artificial personality(AP) in Talia's mind, killing Talia's emotionally weak personality and replacing it with a cold, devious AP as per the Corp's design. The command staff could do nothing but let Talia go. Lyta knew the Psi Cops would soon be on their way, if not already.

 Her visit with Kosh, rekindled her memories, and something new inside her. She knew that the Vorlons would admit her into their Empire. Lyta procured quarters in Downbelow to wait for a freighter going near Vorlon Space. During the intervening time, she was called upon to scan a wounded Tuchanq.

 Eventually, a Baltan freighter captain agreed to transport her to the Vorlon border. For three days they transmitted on various comm channels into Vorlon Space. There was no answer. The captain, nervous about the entire situation, decided to complete his already overdue cargo run. Lyta gave him the rest of her money to purchase the escape pod. She tried to send a telepathic message to any Vorlons nearby, since normal communication did not seem to work. When her five days of air, food and water ran out, she fell unconscious. 

Lyta awoke on the Vorlon Homeworld. There, she was physically rejuvenated, returning her to her physical condition of 5 years prior. A chronic congenital iron deficiency, slight hyatal hernia, and an enlarged appendix were all cured. To aid her in interacting with the Vorlons she was given gills (able to be hidden from cursory medical scans) allowing her to breathe the Vorlon's methane atmosphere. She was not allowed to talk about most of  what she saw, the rest would be considered unbelievable. After a month she returned to Babylon 5 as Kosh's attaché.

 As an employee of the Vorlon Empire, she was under Kosh's protection. It would be suicidal for a Psi Cop to attack her. As his aid, she carried the essence of Kosh within her, allowing the Vorlon to interact with lesser races without the baggage of a First One Encounter.

 And then her life changed forever. While she was away on a mission, Kosh was killed. Her return to the Babylon 5 was hollow. The being she loved was gone, and there was no one to help her. The arrival of Ulkesh Naranek was terrifying. While on Vorlon, she discovered how rare a being Kosh was -- Vorlons like Ulkesh were the norm. Fortunately, discipline for her failure to save Kosh was slight; Ulkesh must have thought her useful, otherwise she'd dead or nearly so. Knowing that a Vorlon as old as Kosh would not leave this world entirely, Ulkesh was determined to search for his essence. After months of intimate contact with his soul, she was uniquely attuned to his presence. Lyta was to be his bloodhound.

 Meanwhile, Captain Sheridan decided to use Lyta in a theoretical tactic against the seemingly invincible Shadow forces. While discussing his proposal with her, she was hit with an echo of Kosh. As thrilling as the though of Kosh (even a piece of him) surviving was, she took it to be an effect of her grief and stress. And she truly hoped that Sheridan's project she agreed to help with didn't kill her.

 The mission took her into Drazi space. The mere sight of the Shadow ship sent waves of dread through her, but she had a job to do. Contact with the ship was sheer insanity, the alien brain operating the ship was abnormally structured along artificial pathways. And it fought back. Inexperience with this type of target shattered her and the ship tried to suck her mind into its own. She retreated into herself trying to fight it and was failing. Then a touch and a flood of memories -- Kosh in his quarters, Morden letting them in, the pain of being rent and the leaving of something. Like animals they slaughtered him. Her anger as a focus, she nailed the alien ship with her mind allowing the White Star to kill it. Before she could react it send a distress call. Too weak to stop the next four Shadow ships, she was relieved to see the Army of Light arrive to drive them off.

 Safely back on the station, she notified Ulkesh that she might have a lead on where Kosh might be hiding. However, Sheridan’s actions leading to his death on Z’ha’dum momentarily left the point moot until his return.  With the annihilation of the Shadow Capital, the Vorlons saw a new opportunity to cleanse the galaxy of the influence of their enemy.  Planet Killers were dispatched to destroy worlds with any contact with the Shadows. Instead of a rallying point for the Army of Light, Ulkesh became a liability.  With Lyta’s help, Ulkesh was set up and assassinated.

Now a free agent, Lyta was crucial in the final battle of the Earth Civil War. Unfortunately, her sevice gave her no reward.  Unable to find work without the “Psi Corps Seal of Approval,” Lyta entered into a bargain with Alfred Bester: he could keep her body for study (only if she died without his complicity) and she would be a member of Psi Corps in name only.

Alone and with no one or nothing to believe in, she was ripe for the predations of the charismatic rogue telepath named Byron.  A martyr leading a small band of other “blips,” Byron was devoted to his dream.  Despite his actions, through him lyta learned the depths of her powers given to her by the Vorlons.

 [Played by Patricia Tallman]


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