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"Do you know that you are smaller than I though you were? You are smaller... There are more of you. There are more of you!" - Ambassador Londo Mollari speaking to a skewered Expendable, 2260 C.E.

Habitat:  Cloanda II

EcoNiche: Social Scavenger

Intelligence:  Emotional Reflex

 A rihaty infestation has driven many sentients to perform criminal acts. Not only do these eight-legged insects eat virtually anything; they seem to thrive on tormenting the being whose space they are inhabiting at the moment.

 Research on the rihaty shows that these insects have a distinct social structure. The rihaty have a high rate of reproduction, since, on Cloanda II, they have many predators. Like Earth ants, the rihaty have several "classes." The Warriors serve the Hive Queens. Runners are responsible for acquiring food. Expendables, who usually follow the Runners, distract predators and food competitors -- hoping to lead them away from the Hive or the meal being transported by the Runners. Coloration varies according to class. Warriors are black, Runners and Expendables are various shades of brown. Hive Queens have the chameleon-like ability to take on take on whatever color of soil they are living in. The coloration change, however, takes several days.

 The Vree operate a small colony on Cloanda III, where the rihaty are raised for export. Raw rihaty is considered by the Vree a delicacy.

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