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"You wish... protection?"

Species:  Thrakallan

Sex:  Male?

Homeworld:  Beta Lyrae II

Profession: "Fixer"


 The life of a fixer is a delicate one; the application of force and generosity must be in exact proportions for maximum profit. At this, n'grath excels.

 While some information can be gained about most criminal figures, n'grath is a complete mystery. Some rumors suggest that he is working for thir'nakk, while others say that he is a lone Thrakallan running a very profitable business. That "business" is fixing. If a being wishes to obtain slaves, security passes, protection, credits, or anything else, without drawing legal attention, a fixer is the one to see. N'grath is the resident fixer on the human station Babylon 5. According to station rumors, n'grath arrived on-station before construction was even completed and no one can remember or find documents to prove when he did arrive. He is known to provide level 5 access to station facilities, complete station maps, bodyguards on demand, and has a large, skilled, and well-paid, staff to assist him.

 While human criminal gangs (like those of Deuce and the Downbelow Syndicate) try to edge him out, all have eventually been caught by the authorities, "accidentally" killed, or driven off by n'grath. His luck almost ran out on December 12, 2259. The station's security chief wanted an "interview" about a peculiar assassination attempt on the  local Narn leader. Always wanting good relations with the law, n'grath made it a point to see Garibaldi himself -- but always in the Alien Sector; one can't make things too comfortable for the humans. While waiting for the human to show up, he was attacked by a Centauri and left for dead. Under the supervision of Doctor Franklin in Medlab One, n'grath recovered quickly and resumed business with renewed vigor. However, any Centauri who wishes to buy n'grath's services can expect to pay double or triple the usual exorbitant rate.

N’grath’s successes gained him much prestige in thir’nakk’s organization. It also gained him countless enemies. Sometime during the Shadow War n’grath disappeared. The word in Downbelow said that he was killed -- but by whom (and for whom) they could not say.  No body was ever found. With n’grath dead, the Babylon 5 Underworld had no central control.  Countless amateurs tried to develop their own syndicate, only to be thwarted by station security or their own ineptitude.

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