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PHYSIOLOGY:  Methane-breathing insectoids. They communicate in a  series of chirps and whistles.

CULTURE:  Thrakallan names are properly spelled in all lowercase  letters when translated into Standard English.

HISTORY:  Thrakallans evolved on the upper middle atmosphere of a gas giant, gradually developing civilization atop floating islands of nyan. Although living on a gas giant, the Thrakallans learned mine-fishing to procure metals from the creatures living on the heavy,

mineral-rich layers below. Whether the Thrakallans developed spacefaring capabilities on their own is unknown. The most reliable sources indicate that the Thrakallans were contacted by a now-extinct race and it is from them that the Thrakallans acquired their small trading fleet.

 Today, Thrakallans are known for their shrewd business sense. Quite a few are also heads of extensive criminal organizations.

HOMEWORLD:  Beta Lyrae II; One of the more infamous floating cities is known in smuggling circles as Dillathl'iin. Its existance is denied by the Thrakallan government proper. However, anyone with the correct frequency code can find it (The cities of Beta Lyrae II continually float across the planet. Traffic to and from them are directed by orbiting stations. Dillathl'iin is a different story. Since it "doesn't exist," the orbital traffic control does not keep track of it's location. "Visitors" must find the right city beacon frequency and navigate through the murky clouds of Beta Lyrae to find it.). Its a pirate's hideaway, smuggler's haven, and home to one of the galaxy's most unsavory crimelords, thir'nakk. His smuggling operations alone bring him over fifty million credits a year.

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