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Earthforce Heavy Cruiser

Model: Karmatech Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser

Length: 1188.7 meters

Hull Displacement: 31500 metric tons

Drive System: 3 Beigle-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engines

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Crew: 350

Fighter Compliment: 6 Starfuries


 The Hyperion-class heavy cruiser was the mainstay of the Earthforce fleet during the Dilgar Invasion. When the Earth-Minbari War began, the Cruiser defended the Earth with honor. Very few survived the near-holocaust. After the war, the Hyperion design was significantly upgraded (as this was preferable to decommisioning much needed military vessels) and they now act as support vessels for the Omega-class destroyers.

 Unlike recent Earthforce designs, the heavy cruiser has no rotational sections, requiring the vessel to have crewmen trained to work in a microgravity environment

 Known Earthforce Heavy Cruisers:

  • EAS Alamo - destroyed during the Earth-Minbari war in the New Parala system.

 EAS Athena - one of the few original Hyperion s to survived the Earth-Minbari War. Originally under the command of Captin Best.

 EAS Clarkstown - ( Hyperion Mark II) destroyed in Orion System (April, 2260) by Rebel Omega-class destroyer Alexander

 EAS Farlin - destroyed at Baker's Star during the Earth-Minbari War.

 EAS Lexington - one of the few original Hyperion s to survive the Earth-Minbari War. Under the command of Captain John Sheridan, the Lexinton and her crew is credited with destroying the Minbari flagship (the Drala Fi ) while heavily damaged.

 EAS Hyperion - under the command of Captain Ellis Pierce. The Hyperion was one of the 200 ships that survived the Earth-Minbari War.

 EAS Prometheus - The ship that initiated the Earth-Minbari War. After firing on the Minbari Cruise Valen'tha , the Prometheus and its remaining fleet fled into hyperspace.

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