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Changeling Net

 One of the most advanced camouflage systems available on the black market is the Changeling Net. Forbidden by almost all civilized societies, this device is sought after by fringe organizations and several government's militaries for its obvious applications. The Changeling Net surrounds the wearer in a holographic image, effectively masking the user. The Net must be programmed prior to use simply by aiming a recording device (included with the unit) at the particular individual. In the event of a partial scan, advanced image processors in the Net itself can create a reasonable facsimile of the person in question. Depending on the model, the Changeling Net can hold up to 10 personalities in its buffer. Unfortunately, this device is not without drawbacks: the Changeling Net creates an unstable and intense energy field. Prolonged usage is fatal.

 Most Changeling Nets are manufactured on a few small centers located in the Antares Sector using slave labor. Antarean officials are not above bribes, allowing manufacturers and tech smugglers to do as they wish.

 In 2258, a member of a radical Minbari faction bought a Changeling Net from a human tech runner named Del Varner. With it, the Minbari hoped to discredit Commander Sinclair and the Babylon Project. His plan failed.

 In December, 2259, Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari gave several Changeling Nets to humans affiliated with Homeguard. They were paid to attack Narn Ambassador G'Kar as Tuchanq. The incident failed. All evidence from the remains of the humans were removed by Shadows (another "service" for Mollari).

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