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Black Omega Starfury

Model:  Modified Earth Force SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury (SABO)

Length: 7.7 meters

Crew:  1 pilot


 The Black Omega Starfury Squadron is an elite attack force attached to Psi Corps and answerable only to the President of the Earth Alliance. Black Omega is the brainchild of Alfred Bester, a high-level Psi Corps official and Psi Cop. Black Omega pilots are all hand-picked for their skill and telepathic potential -- making them some of the deadliest pilots of the Alliance. With the Black Omegas, Psi Corps has the military power to perform covert operations. In 2258, Black Omegas were used to track down Jason Ironheart after his escape from a Psi Corps research facility. Not many of the squadron survived their encounter with Ironheart. However, within a few months, the Black Omegas were once again up to full strength.

 The Black Omega is a modified starfury with advanced stealth capabilities. The SABOs are extremely expensive to build and maintain, but they more than pay for themselves furthering Psi Corpsí covert goals.


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