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Belt Alliance Fighter

Model: Belt Alliance ZPH 45e20 Zephyr-class light starfighter

Length: 5 meters

Drive System: Garodney ion engine

Crew: 1 pilot


 A delta-winged atmospheric/orbital space interceptor formerly used by the Belt Alliance. The Zephyr can currently be found serving corporate fleets, small colonies, and raider bands. While the Ares Starfury and its descendants were the premiere starfighter of the Earth Alliance, colonial governments required fighters to also be capable of atmospheric flight and less expensive to built. Because of this, utility was sacrificed for effectiveness. Maneuvering thrusters are positioned along the ship edges. The most vulnerable area on the fighter are the airfoils; one hit to either gives the pilot a 10.4% chance of survival.

 The next generation of dual-role craft can be found in the Thunderbolt Starfury.


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